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Medical aviation - flights for bedridden patients on medical and ambulance aircraft

Medical and ambulance aviation

Life-threatening conditions, injuries, the need for urgent operations in a specialized medical center require urgent transportation of the patient to the destination. And most often in this case they resort to services medical aviation... According to the legislation, air transportation of patients under a voluntary insurance policy can be carried out free of charge, but if there is evidence for this. Ambulance services are offered not only by state-owned airlines, but also by private ones, which allows almost everyone to use this opportunity.

Air transport options for patients

A medical flight can be organized by both state and private airlines. There are several main methods used to transport bedridden or critically ill patients:

  • Regular or charter flight. Several seats are bought on the plane in advance, since they are necessary not only for a patient with a stretcher, but also for relatives and accompanying medical staff. After coordinating the flight, medical equipment is delivered on board, which may be required to provide emergency assistance in the air;
  • Medical aircraft. In terms of design, cabin area and equipment used, such aircraft were originally manufactured for the transportation of patients. There is resuscitation equipment on board to keep vital systems running. There are medical planes in large medical centers; they are often included in the air fleet of the state medical aviation. Teams of medical personnel are usually attached to such sides, which are responsible for the condition of the passenger;
  • Transport aircraft. Such an aircraft is used when an emergency evacuation of the patient is required in an intensive care vehicle. The car is rolled into the cargo hold, the patient remains in his cabin. This method of transportation is used if it is dangerous to move the treating patient. In the ambulance, the passenger is immediately taken to the runway, loaded on board, and after arriving on it, he is immediately taken to a medical facility.

State medical aviation services are in wide demand in emergency situations when it is necessary to urgently deliver the victims to those hospitals where they can be provided with specialized assistance. In situations where the resources of conventional air medical services are not enough, private airlines are also involved in transportation.


The difference between private and public medical air transportation

If there is no need to use special medical equipment when transporting a sick person by aircraft, then his transportation is allowed by an ordinary plane. Having chosen a regular flight, it is necessary to notify the carrier in advance, this is necessary for the preparation of the board.

After obtaining permission to purchase tickets, it is necessary to resolve the issue of escort and insurance, to determine the number of seats that will be required both for the patient himself and for the accompanying persons. Air carriers may also require a medical certificate reflecting the conditions that must be created for the passenger.

In the cabins of aircraft making regular flights, the patient, depending on the state of health and physical capabilities, can be placed on a regular passenger seat or on a stretcher. If the patient is lying, then the stretcher is placed:

  • Over the seats, fixing them with reliable fasteners;
  • In place of several removable seats;
  • In the tail section of the aircraft;
  • Separated from the rest of the passengers by a partition.

In any case, the stretcher is fixed in such a way as to prevent its movement and overturning.

The transportation of patients on a regular flight is affordable for almost everyone, but it has several obvious disadvantages:

  • The plane takes off strictly according to the schedule, the flight schedule cannot be changed regardless of the urgency of the passenger transportation;
  • The duration of the scheduled flight is much longer compared to private jet charter... This is due to stops along the way for disembarking passengers or refueling;
  • Regular flights do not always fly to the city that is ready to receive a passenger for treatment.

The above-mentioned inconveniences can be eliminated by ordering a charter flight to transport the patient. Aviation brokers organize the departure of a private jet in a short time. The salon is completely at the disposal of the passenger and those accompanying him. You can take on board all the necessary equipment, oxygen cylinders, life support systems, personal belongings. Transportation to private aircraft is much more comfortable, since the entire level of service is selected taking into account the patient's condition, and the rest of the passengers do not interfere with rest and provide emergency assistance in the air in the required amount.

Features of medical aviation

The transportation of treating and critically ill patients by plane or helicopter requires certain training:

  • Aircraft are equipped with special devices - stretcher holders, dropper stands and medical equipment;
  • Qualified pilots are allowed to the flight, capable of flying as accurately as possible - without turbulence, shaking and in the most difficult weather conditions;
  • There must be a medical team on board. Doctors who have completed a course of special training are allowed to transport patients by air. They must be able to provide emergency assistance, use equipment professionally and identify critical conditions in which the aircraft must immediately land at the nearest airport.

Fulfillment of such strict requirements is not necessary if the patient's condition is satisfactory, and he flies to another city for planned treatment or a simple operation. Sometimes business aviation services are also used if the passenger does not need to be accompanied by doctors.


Helicopter evacuation

The evacuation of seriously ill patients by helicopter is convenient because such aircraft can land on almost any site, including on the roofs of large medical centers. The services of helicopter transport in the ambulance are in demand in cases where the transportation of the patient along the road can take a long time, which is dangerous in his condition.

In large metropolitan areas, helicopters are used if you need to urgently deliver a patient with a stroke, heart attack, serious injuries and extensive burns to the hospital. Traveling through the air takes only a few minutes, that is, there is a real chance to save a person's life. Helicopters in private airlines for the transportation of a lying passenger are ordered when it is necessary to get to the place where the landing of the plane is impossible.


Medical escort

Seriously ill, critically ill children, women in labor in the last stages of pregnancy are transported on airplanes with doctors. The crew is selected taking into account the illness and condition of the passenger. In some cases, the presence of a general practitioner or a nurse on board is sufficient, who can connect an IV and monitor medication.

But if a passenger is on a ventilator or his condition due to pathology can deteriorate critically at any time, then the plane takes off only with the resuscitation team. Business aviation has both its own doctors and external specialists. If the patient needs the accompaniment of only highly specialized specialists, then their collection is organized by a medical institution, or the customer of the flight needs to hire a team in a private clinic. Payment for the work of doctors is separate, that is, it is not included in the cost of renting an aircraft.


Popular aircrafts

Transportation of patients by business aviation is carried out mainly by those aircraft that can cover the distance to the landing site without refueling. If we are not talking about a transport aircraft, then the passenger climbs aboard the ladder or with the help of an ambulift.

In ambulance aviation, most often those aircraft are used, in the cabins of which it is possible to easily accommodate a bed patient and install medical equipment. These are such aircraft as Hawker, Learjet, Cessna, Tu-134. Ambulance helicopters include Mi-8 and Mi-2, Eurocopter.

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