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Change the awl on the soap!

Change the awl on the soap!

"By assembling AW189 helicopters will connect Kazan Helicopter Plant

As the web resource "" 3 April 2017 years to assemble medium helicopters AgustaWestland AW189 Italian manufacturer Leonardo Heliciopters attend Kazan Helicopter Plant (KHP, is a holding company "Helicopters of Russia"). This is stated in the notes to the financial statements for the KHP 2016 year. "

And how are things with our Ka-62, not inferior to the level of comfort Italian AW189?

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That's how!

“The Ka-62 helicopter has not yet been put into mass production, despite the fact that this machine is a regular participant in various exhibitions and aircraft salons.

Russian officials and management holding company "Helicopters of Russia" have repeatedly stated the imminent start of mass production of Ka-62, and the great interest in this machine from overseas customers. However, year-on-year release of this machine is delayed: recently it became known that the helicopter certification transferred to 2017 years "(Ka-62: the history of creation, description MilitaryArms.).

Completion protracted. Ka-62

“The Ka-60 military helicopter may appear after the 2016 of the year. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Yuri Slusar. According to him, at the end of 2015 - the beginning of 2016, it is planned to receive a type certificate for Ka-62.

After that, the Russian Defense Ministry will decide on the shape of a military version of the helicopter, which will receive the index Ka-60, told the publication ... »(Topwar).

In the assembly of the expensive AW-189 helicopter, the Russian government uses the Kazan Helicopter Plant, and the serial production of our safer and more unpretentious Ka-62, which are designed for the Russian harsh conditions, the start time of the release is periodically postponed! If I understand this arithmetic correctly, then the Kamovsky Ka-62 from the team of S. Chemezov after the Italian "from the master's table" remains small crumbs. But in a businesslike manner, the Ka-62 instead of the Italian is much more profitable for the State, which is much cheaper, though the “effective” managers forced the Kamovians to put expensive French engines on their Ka-62 instead of their RD-600, and the Austrian gearbox, again his!

26.05.2009 / Interfax-AVN

The base engine for the military helicopter Ka-60 and its civilian counterpart, the Ka-62 600 is RD-increased power, according to "Interfax-AVN" Program Director Ka-60 / 62 company "Helicopters of Russia" Alexey Chizhikov.

"In the future, more powerful RD-600 will be produced as the engine of the second series," - A.Chizhikov said.

According to him, the United Engine-Building Corporation (UEC) has developed a plan to increase the power of the RD-600 with 1300 hp. up to about xnumx hp Production: NPO Saturn

"Our correspondent talks to Chapter designer V.G.Kryginym" Very important details:.. Are provided with take-off and landing with one engine (RD-600V); energy-absorbing landing gear and seats design allows the pilot and passengers to avoid injuries in the event of a rough landing, steering screw in the keel is protected from accidental damage. The machine is equipped with effective anti-icing and fire-prevention systems.

But the main advantage, of course, is that the cruising speed at which the helicopter flies without time limit is very high. The helicopter is equipped with the most modern engines of modular design, developed by Rybinsky design bureau “Saturn”.

Its uniqueness is that it can be dismantled into its individual parts and reassemble all 10 keys. In the event of failure of one of them, it can be replaced directly in the open field, and not to change the whole engine. "

The reason, when a very good engine, specially created for this helicopter for an imported one, is changed is an ENTRANCE, which is a logical consequence of impunity: “Putin does not give up his!”.

Heads of the KVZ for this screwdriver assembly of the imported apparatus I want to express my vision: in my opinion, due to the high cost of future AW189, I think the demand will be single-minded, which then, willy-nilly, will make you think of an independent project of a rotary-wing under the Ka-22 scheme with supporting screws from "Ansat", in order to have a series of more popular products. In addition, there is the possibility of replacing two imported engines from the Ansat - one domestic one on the rotor and then its capacity will be comparable to the Mi-8T, i.e. it is in demand, but it will fly, figuratively speaking, with “the same TV2-117” and at a much higher speed, i.e. will be much more productive! At present, it is most likely that the weakest engine for such a rotary-wing aircraft, existing in Russia = 2000l.s. The better, more power will be left on the propellers, which are very necessary for acceleration at take-off. In addition, with the wing pulling screws, it will be more comfortable to taxi at airports, when in this mode dust from the rotor rises to the entire airport.

I am also very interested in why our warriors continue to be parachuted from the tail of the Mi-8 helicopters, although they are ready to replace them for a long time - these are more energy-armed, more compact, more maneuverable and, more importantly, safer, and therefore more guaranteed for success: coaxial Ka-32 -10AG The landing force is always landing for help, where it is necessary for its comrades, so the paratroopers are already excited at the time of disembarkation, and then the tail rotor is straining! If cost center designers do not understand this, and by hook or by crook they punch their projects into a series, then Commander-in-Chief VKS V. Bondarev should stand against obsolete equipment, which is clearly not in the spirit of the times!

Why should the pilots and paratroopers who protect us all be responsible for the inertia of the cost center designers and the “effective” managers from the Russian Helicopters supporting them?

And for the fate of the project of the Ka-102 high-speed helicopter with a capacity for 80 - 90, it would be very interesting to know the places? If the modernization of the Ka-92 "Lamprey" today is requested for the IMF, then the Ka-102 is utterly silent, as if we do not have such a project. But this is a project of a real modern helicopter, which is very much in demand not only for offshore flights, but also for the same army aviation in the rapid transfer of troops and equipment; for first aid in distress. For the entire national economy of our big country!

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Sergei Mikheyev, "a helicopter with a rigid rotor to" airplane "speeds.

According to our calculations, the Ka-102 can have speeds of up to 500 km / h. In this case, it will carry up to 80-90 passengers, with takeoff weight of about 30 t with compact dimensions of a coaxial helicopter is good for transportation of relatively small number of passengers and cargo. (In our case - to 30 people). A longitudinal scheme allows a longer fuselage, wherein comfortably accommodate a much larger number of passengers.

Power plant Ka-102 also be uniform - it will have two gas turbine engine which, through the transmission drives the rotation of the two rotors and the two pulling propellers (like we have already been implemented for half a century ago, the famous rotorcraft Ka-22, which however, carried by the transverse scheme could fly at speeds 350 km / h).

And like them, our sworn partners?

They, too, were stagnant, but due to the absence of such ingenious designers as the Russian Sergey Viktorovich Mikheyev, but today they diligently, without sparing finances, catch up on modern coaxial helicopters. Of course, things are going tough for them, but there is progress! It is understandable - there is no progress only for people who do not work. It is precisely this that the Chemiezov team is actually forcing by our Kamovians, deliberately not financing the Ka-102 and Ka-32-XNUMHAG projects hiding behind good excuses such as lack of money or “lack of customers”, giving our enemies a winning time with modern helicopters.

And our enemies are already besieged on all sides, and in the Far East the same!

This is the cry of the soul of Sergey V. Mikheev, General Designer of OJSC Kamov.

"Russia is dangerously lagging behind the USA in high-speed helicopter.

21.04.2017 The state must support the development of high-speed helicopters capable of flying at speeds of 500 km / h and higher, otherwise Russia will lag behind the USA in this matter, said Sergey Mikheev, general designer of Kamov helicopters.

"For a number of Americans, we are behind the fighting programs. This also applies to helicopters, "- said Mikheyev at a meeting of the Expert Council on aviation industry in the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy.

He explained that the program adopted by the arms of the United States provides that "after 2025, all helicopters must fly at a speed of more than 500 km / h."

According to Mikheev, the development of high-speed helicopter - "this is a fundamental task of the state." He noted that to solve it is important to strengthen the role of chief designers of helicopters.

Earlier it was reported that Russia has stopped government funding of the project of creation of high-speed helicopter, able to reach speeds of 450-500 km / h. This happened due to the fact that the project has been divided into two programs: the perspective of commercial helicopters and high-speed helicopter.

Today, helicopters are flying at an average speed 200-300 km / h. Increased speed will be achieved, thanks to a more powerful power plant and the improvement of the aerodynamic design of helicopters "(Political Kaleidoscope).

Vitalii Belyaev

Well, for the nonsense, well, the helicopter can not fly at a speed of 500 km / h, physics does not allow, the receding blade will be fixed relative to the air, and the coming to the supersonic will come out)))

Vladimir, despite your considerable knowledge, and, at first glance, a logical conclusion, but ... You have carefully studied the very good and archival articles! Read the farsighted motto of the brilliant aircraft designer of rotorcraft Sergei Mikheev under the photo of the high-speed Ka-102 wagon:
"Sergei Mikheev:" in a helicopter with a rigid rotor to "aircraft" speeds! "
Not an ordinary, flexible, fiberglass blade of the current helicopters, but, a rigid, shortened, metal structure (the wing of a small chord), which can successfully solve this problem.
By the way, 4-5 years ago, in the magazine "Popular Mechanics" an article was published devoted to promising high-speed helicopters of tomorrow, in which S. Mikheev, described in detail about Ka-92, Ka-102 and many decisions Problems.
Also, for many years I have been observing the lobbyist blocking of the promotion of the People's Helicopter Ka-226 "Serega", and the 2-3x Local helicopter of the talented group of the Kamovka plant in Kumertau (Bashkiria) and KB "Rotor": Rotorfly R-30 (-33)

It is hoped that this cry from the heart will reach, if not to the leadership of "Helicopters of Russia", then to someone more capable of influencing the situation ... What is very valuable in the article shows that it is not in the absence of promising developments - they are, and their fate to pray!

You just have to recognize the Donbas !!! What would our Portner led sanctions on all industries and abolished the so-called cooperation and to put it simply cuts and kickbacks !! And it is better to do the president navlnogo then the country wakes ............. perfect order and the country that does not wake !! wakes partnership and cooperation with the civilized world !!!

Navalny is able to understand the prospects of helicopter construction, how many and where to steal and how many children in each city should release "to barricades" to ensure a civic position!