Meteorological records
Meteorological records

Meteorological records issued by the commanders of the ships

At present, in connection with the intensive development of flights of aircraft with gas turbine engines, a new form of meteorological support for flights has been introduced, consisting in the fact that for crews of aircraft with turbojets and turbojets with a duration of flights of 1 h and more and aircraft with piston engines with a flight duration of 2 h and more Along with mandatory oral preflight consultation, the following meteorological documentation is issued: "Predictive chart of special weather phenomena", "Predictive map of AT-300 mb surface" and Form "AV-11" with weather forecasts for emergency aerodromes.

On prognostic significant weather charts solid lines with a dash encircled the area with the expected unfavorable weather conditions for flying. Inside the allocated areas indicate the number, shape and height of the expected cloud, causing significant weather, and conventional signs denote these special events.

On the AT-300 forecast map, isogypses are carried out, the centers of high-altitude cyclones and anticyclones are designated, the direction of the wind is indicated by arrows and its speed is indicated, the shot indicates the expected height and temperature of the tropopause over various points, and the axes of celiac streams are indicated, indicating altitude and speed Wind in different areas. The forecasting situation on maps of special weather phenomena and AT-300 mb surface is given by the middle of the validity period of these maps. Depending on the specified flight standard on the AMSS, in addition to the AT-300 mb surface, maps of absolute topography (AT) and other isobaric surfaces can be issued. In the practice of the meteorological service, maps of the main isobaric surfaces are compiled.