The metrological characteristics of the IR
The metrological characteristics of the IR

The metrological characteristics of the IR


Metrological characteristics of IR bench systems are largely determined by the choice of sensors, which depends on the required accuracy, ambient temperature, external mechanical influences. Thus, to convert the pressure p into an electrical signal, piezoelectric and strain gage sensors with a conversion error of 0,25% are used. .0,5%, to measure the pressure of hot fuel with a temperature of more than 80 ° C - metal film sensors. The higher accuracy (0,1%) and the transient stability of the conversion performance (1-3 year) make it possible to obtain capacitive sensors with a special circuit for measuring small capacitances. To measure the rotational speed, a frequency sensor with an inductor is used, which makes it possible to provide measurement error up to 0,1%.

The efficiency of the benchmark ISI is largely determined by the level of the service: the degree of adaptation of the IIS to the test problem, the choice and configuration of the IR, the possibility of automatic calibration, the adjustment of the operating modes, the checking of the operation of the IR and the elements. This requires developed specialized software (OSS). The metrological support included in the SPO allows, in addition to the operational control of the accuracy of the measurements, to carry out in accordance with standards the metrological certification of the IR and the computational components of the ACT, which are an integral part of the computer meter. This makes it possible to obtain estimates of additional error components of direct and indirect measurements due to the processing of the random component of the measurement signal generated by noise in the measuring instruments, interference in communication lines, interference from the power supply sources of the IIS, and fluctuations in the parameters in the tested ACS units.

To increase the efficiency of the automated experiment in monitoring the characteristics of ACS allow special programs that implement algorithmic methods to improve the accuracy of measurements. 


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