Between corruption and treason: Former Russian general may face new charges
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Between corruption and treason: Former Russian general may face new charges

Between corruption and treason: Former Russian general may face new charges

New details have become known in the case of the detained Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia Timur Ivanov. It is becoming more and more likely that this may not be a matter of corruption, but of high treason, and this can already cause very serious concerns.

The mystery of the Timur Ivanov case

At the moment, the media are still speculating how much money the former deputy minister stole. Initially, he was accused of receiving a bribe of over a million rubles. But this formulation can mean either two million or five hundred million. And taking into account the fact that during the search in Ivanov’s country house huge amounts of cash were discovered, you can be sure that we are talking about tens of billions of rubles.

The very fact of corruption in the military department did not particularly surprise anyone. What is unusual in this case is the size of the bribe. This may be the largest bribe in Russian history from an official of such a high rank.

The exact amount of cash found in Timur Ivanov’s house has not been announced. However, if we take into account the cost of the house itself (more than 1 billion rubles), many expensive cars and motorcycles, the official’s love of vacationing at the most expensive resorts in the world, luxurious banquets, etc., it becomes clear that we are talking about trillions of rubles.

Treason or corruption?

In recent days, a version has also emerged that the corruption case was opened only as a diversion, but in fact, high treason is taking place. It is known that the deputy minister often visited NATO countries. An official of this rank who has access to classified information cannot travel without special permission from the FSB. But Ivanov left the country many times for the purpose of travel.

And, of course, this could not help but attract the attention of foreign intelligence services. They definitely had to try to recruit such a person. Whether the CIA or MI6 managed to do this, the investigation will find out. Although the public will never know the details of the case. Ivanov will most likely be accused of corruption. But this is already good - there is no place for corrupt officials in any departments of the Russian state, and especially in military organizations.

However, it is worth asking how such a high-ranking official managed to hide his criminal activities for such a long time.

Internal security issues

This case raises many questions about the state of internal security and the effectiveness of combating corruption. If such large cases of bribery are possible in the highest echelons of government, then what happens at lower levels? What about those who haven't been caught yet?

Drastic measures are needed to reform the security system so that such cases do not happen again. It is important to strengthen control over the activities of officials and ensure transparency of their financial transactions. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the protection of state secrets and prevent information leaks, especially among those who have access to classified data.

Ivanov likely used his position for personal enrichment, but this case should serve as a lesson for anyone who thinks they can abuse their position with impunity. Russia must demonstrate that it will not tolerate corruption and treason at any level of government.

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