International Airport Kaluga
International Airport Kaluga

International Airport Kaluga


The international airport is located in Kaluga 5 kilometers from the city center, in 190 kilometers from Moscow. International Airport Kaluga assigned class «B», that is able to receive and maintain such aircraft as the Boeing 737-500, Airbus A-319As well as other types of aircraft and lighter, and all types of helicopters.


The history of the airport "Kaluga" 

The official opening of the Kaluga Airport took place on 1.06.1970 of the year. The secret mission of the ribbon cut was awarded to A. Kandrenkov, secretary of the regional committee of the city of Kaluga. On the same day, the first An-24 passenger plane was received, which arrived from Leningrad. At this time, the airport had a class B, which allowed receiving aircraft such as Yak-40, An-24 and Tu-134. Of course, lighter aircraft models were also serviced. A helipad and parking area were equipped. 

Regular air travel began to be carried out by the airport "Kaluga" using passenger aircraft An-24 and Yak-40, flights were sent to Leningrad and Sochi. Regular transportation from Kaluga, Sochi using model aircraft Tu-134 1976 start serving a year.

As of year 1991 flights from the airport "Kaluga" carried out on the aircraft AN-24 in the following areas:

• Four times a week there were flights in the direction of Kaluga-Donetsk-Gelendzhik. The flight was serviced by the airline "Voronezh JSC".

• Three times a week the company "Voronezh JSC" sent planes from Kaluga to Voronezh-Gelendzhik. 

• Also, three times the company's planes followed from Kaluga along the Anapa-Kharkov route.

• Tambov OJSC operated a daily flight on the route Tambov-Kaluga-Minsk.

• The Belgorod airline once a week performed a flight on the Belgorod-Leningrad route through Kaluga.

Airport "Kaluga" was completely closed in 2001 year due to lack of funding, after which he was excluded from the register of civil airports of the Russian Federation.

The revival of the airport took place in 2008, when Volkswagen offered to invest in the reconstruction of Kaluga air gates up to 500 million rubles. A year later, the airport was transferred to regional ownership. Further the plan of reconstruction and commissioning was developed. 

PETRO-HEJUA, a company from China, was selected as the general contractor in 2013 for the restoration. The signed contract stipulated the restoration and repair of aircraft taxiing tracks, runways, parking lots, drainage systems. In this case, part of the state funding was used. 

The entire project of reviving the Kaluga airport had a cost of 1,71 billion rubles, among which 913 million - public funds. 

Planned work should allow modern passenger airliners with a mass up to 64 tons to be received, these are Boeing-737 and A-319 devices. Also a significant increase in passenger turnover to 100 thousand per year. 

Virtually all major work was done in the 2014 year. Already this year, we began servicing UTair airlines aircraft. Finally put into operation produced 25.05.2015 year. In the same month, the Kaluga airport was again entered in the register of civil aerodromes of the Russian Federation. 

It was from 2015 that a new era of development began for the company, since there was a huge number of communications between cities. The first partner of the airport was the Komiaviatrans airline, which began to carry out regular passenger transportation from Kaluga to St. Petersburg on new Embraer ERJ 145 liners. Also, a connection with the city of Sochi was established. 

The plans of opening new routes to the cities of Gelendzhik, Simferopol and Mineralnye Vody. As for the carriers, the most promising are those airlines: "Aeroflot", "Ural Airlines", "UTair".

A partnership between Kaluga Airport and Donavia and Dexter carriers is planned for 2016 year. A promising development plan is the opening of another 20 flights to the big cities of Europe and Asia. 

For the highest quality passenger service, they plan to build a modern terminal. It is also planned to build a new runway with a length of 2,6 kilometers. 

Kaluga Airport was commissioned in 1970 year, and until recently, the passenger traffic of the air hub has been relatively small, however, since 2008 year passenger traffic began to grow, and experts predict that in 2020 year, this figure could reach values ​​in 250 thousand .


Runway International Airport Kaluga



Kaluga International Airport has one runway with a total length in meters and a width of 2200 45 in meters, which in turn allows you to send and receive almost all types of commonly used aircraft. By mid-year 2015, runway international airport was renovated, and the airport was equipped with modern Lighting equipment.


Infrastructure International Airport Kaluga


After the reconstruction was conducted, as well as the assignment of the status of international air hub airport, there appeared a modern infrastructure, allowing not only to provide quality service to passengers, providing bandwidth up to 100 people per hour.



Today, at the International Airport Kaluga are:

  1. A cafe;
  2. Waiting hall;
  3. Department of luggage;
  4. Retail outlets;
  5. Car parking;
  6. ATMs and payment terminals.


In the vicinity of the airport (in the city) are located hotel complexes and places of temporary residence:

  • Hotel "Kaluga";
  • Park Hotel "Kaluga";
  • Hotel «Ambassador».


Get to the airport in one of the following ACTsobov:

  • Municipal Transportation:
    • Bus route number 4;
  • Taxi;
  • Private road transport.



Management is currently International Kaluga Airport plans to open international passenger flights on the air routes, which in turn will improve the infrastructure of the airport complex.


The route network of the International Airport Kaluga


As of mid-September 2015 years, cooperating with the international airport only one air carrier - airline "Komiaviatrans"Makes regular flights in the direction of Saint Petersburg and Sochi, but in the near future it is planned to introduce at least 15 regular air routes, including international destinations (Armenia, Belarus, Germany, France and others.)