San Francisco International Airport (USA)
San Francisco International Airport (USA)

San Francisco Airport (San Francisco International Airport). Official site.



San Francisco airport basic data:

  • Airport Country: US San Francisco Airport (San Francisco International Airport). Official site..
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): -7 / -8.
  • Latitude geographical 37.62, longitude geographic -122.37.
  • The geographical location of the airport: in 22, 5 kilometers south of the city of San Francisco.
  • The geographical coordinates of the airport: Latitude (37.62), Longitude (-122.37)
  • Location: 22,5 km south of San Francisco
  • Number of terminals: 4


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San Francisco (San Francisco International Airport). Official site:


San Francisco International Airport - one of the largest airports in not only California, but also the United States. It is located in 21 km south of San Francisco. Airport provides air links to many major cities on all continents.

The opening of the airport took place in the year 1927. Initially he held territory in 0,6 square kilometers, which until then was a mere pasture for livestock and was taken to rent one of a prosperous farmer. The prefix "international" he received in 1955 year.

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The airport is located four terminals:

  • - The first (domestic flights) - serves a large number of minor and major airlines;
  • - The second (domestic flights) - is currently under construction;
  • - Third (domestic flights) - serves American Airlines, United Airlines and Airlines-;
  • - Fourth (international flights).

Between the terminal and the main part of the airport is laid special automated monorail, providing the convenience of passengers travel.

San Francisco International Airport (United States) at night




1) Metro.

In San Francisco has its own special underground network - BART. The fare to the city center will be approximately 8,1 dollar. By the time the trip takes about an hour.

2) Minibus.

This mode of transport has its own specificity - the bus does not go up until the cabin is not full. But at the same time you will be taken clearly to the desired location. Location can be booked online (the cost will be significantly lower) or directly at the bus parking lot. Ticket price - 17 dollars.

3) Taxi.

The fare to San Francisco is in the range of up to 40 50 dollars.

4) Car rental.

Here, too, there is a certain nuance - in the rental does not accept cash. Pay for a rental car, you can only credit card.

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The scope of service and entertainment.


The international airport is notorious for its territory (the international terminal) is aviation museum and a library. In addition, all terminals are constantly held various exhibitions of works of art.

The range of services is also very diverse:

  • - wireless Internet;
  • - Special lounges for the military and their families;
  • - Public showers;
  • - Storage;
  • - medical Center;
  • - Currency exchange;
  • - A huge number of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.


The main airport codes:

  • IATA airport code: SFO.
  • ICAO airport code: KSFO.


Contact details:




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