Mi-28. A photo. History. Characteristics. "Night Hunter"


Mi-28, or "spoiler", as it codifies the NATO - Russian-made attack helicopter. Designed for combat operations against the light and medium class tanks, armored vehicles and manpower.

History of the Mi-28

The helicopter was constructed on a competitive basis. Mi-28 created workers Mil helicopter plant Mile. He opposed the Ka-50 (OKB Kamov). The first prototype made its maiden flight on November 10 1982 years. She did not have any weapons, because the first flight occurred to verify the performance characteristics. It was established only in the second instance. Construct corrected by the observations made by the Air Force commission.

In 1985 year began construction of a third prototype, in which all comments were taken into account. In 87-m model was upgraded Mi-marking 28A. His trial began in January 88-first, and then the helicopter demonstrated at air show in Paris and Red Hill (near London). In 1991 the second copy of the staff cost center was created. Two years later, under the Gorokhovets he brilliantly showed itself on the teachings.

In 96 16 year in August the helicopter passed modernization course (Mi-28N). Four months later, he made the first experimental flight.

In 2005 year began ICG (state joint tests). The program of carrying out of mass ground and air tests was laid. They showed flight performance qualities of the helicopter. Their conduct was headed by Chief of the Russian Air Force. In December, the company built the first prototype. The initial stage in the CIO ended 2007 year.

Mi-28 photo

The state joint tests included two stages. The first was characterized overall picture and possible future production. Besides browsing the helicopter's ability to destroy terrestrial enemies. In the second stage tests the ability of aircraft to hit the opponents with the help of "air-to-air" missiles, and helicopter survival.

ICG for Mi-28N ended December 26 2008 year. As a result, it became clear that the helicopter is fully compliant with standards and TTZ. In 2009, the Russian president gave the order on adoption of the helicopter by the Air Force, and 2013-meters gave the same orders to the Ministry of National Defense. In 2005 year we signed an agreement on long-term basis for the supply of Mi-67 units 28N. At the same time the chief RGSH General Yuri Baluyevsky said special forces needed helicopters Ka-Ka-50 and 52, but said information about Mi-28N. "Night Hunter" is the main combat unit of the type of helicopter.

In 2006 year two instances took part in the exercise "Shield of the Union-2006" on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. OP-1 has been demonstrated (first prototype) and 01-01 (first preproduction sample). Seventh-September state tests at JSC "Rostvertol" factory were held in Rostov-on-Don.

Mi-28 photo booths

The first four Mi-28Ns were attached to the Torzhok Air Combat Aviation Center (2008 year). In January of the same year, the first two copies were delivered to the Torzhok pulp and paper mill. In the period from 2009 to 2011 year, the Russian Air Force received 27 serial helicopters (the fourth army of the Air Force and Air Defense). By the end of 2010 on the basis of 6971 formed the first helicopter squadron of sixteen serial Mi-28N. In October, parallel shipments of the helicopter to the 6974 air base began. Until the end of 2010, 38 serial copies were placed in the possession of the RF Ministry of Defense. After that, the Air Force and the plant signed another contract for thirty helicopters. It was necessary to pass them before the year 2014. At the end of 2013, 63 Mi-28 was built for the Russian Air Force.

various modifications

The very first modification of the Mi-28A not found the serial solution, because it does not meet the standards and norms of the helicopter around the clock operation. Mi-28N, or "Night Hunter", on the contrary, showed himself to be a good side and was put into production. His difference was the installation of a modified avionics. Missile guidance provides a set of "Thor", produced by JSC "Zverev Krasnogorsk Factory name." The lower hemisphere surveys TOES521 and update GPT helps with night flights.

  1. Mi-28 - Experimental prototype. Coded as "product 280».
  2. Mi-28A - "product 286». The upgraded model with presence engines TV3-117, GRP spars, hardware composition, X-shaped PB 286-1.
  3. Mi-28L - licensed Mi-28A for use in Iraq.
  4. Mi-28N - helicopter for night operations. The main gearbox VR-29.
  5. Mi-28NE - export version.
  6. Mi-28NM - upgraded Mi-28N. Developments are ongoing.
  7. Mi-28UB - the helicopter is used for training purposes.


Mi-28 photo team


Inherent avionics


The main developer of avionics for Mi-28N is FSPC CBSI. Avionics provides:

  • readiness of the helicopter regardless of the weather conditions and time of day;
  • automatic distribution purposes;
  • fulfillment of tasks at a very low altitude;
  • productive interaction in a team or in a group with the air or the ground part of the troops;
  • parallel or joint action to defeat the purposes of the operator or pilot;
  • ability to service the helicopter at large distances from the point of dislocation;
  • adaptation of new TSA.


Mi-28 photo in flight


The complex consists of the following:

  • a computer system. It provides complete information processing on the basis of a computer "Baget-53»;
  • But with the latest high-precision INS-2000 and course-vertical-SBKV 2V-2;
  • information field of the cockpit is made up of liquid crystal displays, and multifunction remote control;
  • laser detection system and electronic irradiation;
  • fire control system, automatic control system;
  • helmet-mounted system tseleukazyvaniya and display;
  • Review of the pilot system with night vision function (as part of the channel are infrared imager, low-level laser rangefinder and TC);
  • surveillance-attack system object detection, recognition and targeting;
  • aerobatic complex;
  • on-board communications for CMP 28N-1. Responsible for the automatic exchange of data between the helicopter and the ground station command. Able to work in a mode hopping and FRCH.

Also it refers to the composition of the avionics heat-TV Machine family of "Hunter", which functions for intelligent processing of video images under inspection target background picture, regardless of the time of day and weather conditions. In addition, Mi-28N can specify (highlight) the purpose for fighters or other helicopters.

Mi-28 photo doors

Mi-28 has unusual abilities. For example, in the event that the helicopter was defeated, he was hit and began to break apart over the entire structure, detach the propeller blades, doors and console and the wing, and then severed the attracting belts inflate ballonets for safe cab bailout. The crew lands with the help of parachutes.

For the vitality of the Mi-28 meets highly resistant armor that can hold a direct hit by armor-piercing bullets (caliber 12,7 mm), fragmentation shells (20 mm).

The crew cabin is constructed from sheets of aluminum (10 mm), which are glued to the ceramic armor elements of (16 mm). The cab doors are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (consisting of aluminum plate and ceramic armor). The glass in the front compartment made from 42-millimeter-silicate block in the door and side - 22 mm.

The cab operator and pilot disconnected from each other aluminum armor plate thickness 10 mm. Antivozgoratelny effect in the fuel tanks filled by plating provide polyurethane foam and latex self locking protectors.

This helicopter is able to fly at very low altitude, up to five meters, with relief by folding. Increased maneuverability of the helicopter is adapted to move back and sides. And thanks to the EVU (screen-exhaust device), the visibility at the Mi-28 infrared halved.

Mi-28 photos missiles

Special instrumental installation RFI provides protection against guided missiles and infrared homing.

Mi-28N - this is the first helicopter, which applied spherical joints elastomeric type, they do not require lubrication.

This helicopter is in service in countries such as Russia, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria.


Mi-28 characteristics:



Diameter of the main rotor, m


The diameter of the tail rotor, m


Length m


Height, m


Weight, kg




  normal takeoff


  maximum take-off


Domestic fuel l



  X 4 500

engine's type

  2 GTD Klimov TV3-117ВМА

power, kWt

  X 2 1660

Maximum speed km / h


Cruising speed, km / h


Ferry range, km


Practical range, km


Rate of climb, m / min


Practical ceiling, m


Static ceiling, m





  up to xnumx passengers 


 one 30-mm gun 2А42 with 300 cartridges
 Combat load - 1605 kg on 4 suspension units:
 4x4 ATGM Storm or Attack-B and
 2 PU HC-20-57 20 XX55-mm or HC-20-80 20 X80-mm NUR or
 2 PU with 130-mm NUR
 Installation of 2X2 UR air-to-air P-60, containers with 23-mm cannons or 30-mm grenade launchers or 12.7-mm or 7.62-mm machine guns, or 500-kg bomb, or miners
 On wings - 16 ATGM Whirlwind


Mi-28 video


The second photo is not Mi-28, but Mi-35M.


the whirlwind has nothing to do with this helicopter, nor does the 'detachable rotor blades' apply to this helicopter from the 'terrarium'.

How much is this model?


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