Mi-34S1. Photo. Story. Characteristics.

Mi-34. A photo. History. Characteristics.



The Mi-34 helicopter was designed as a training and sports car, as well as for replacing old helicopter models that performed these functions. This was mainly helicopters Mi-1 and Mi-2. The project of a new helicopter was compiled in Moscow at the legendary Mil Helicopter Plant. The manufacture of this apparatus was planned in the Transcarpathian plant, where all production was set up and the corresponding equipment was installed. But because of the collapse of the USSR, only one Mi-34 helicopter was manufactured there, which was transferred to Mile's design office. After the closure of the issue in Transcarpathia helicopters of this model began to be manufactured in Arsenyevsk. The first experienced Mi-34 flight was carried out in autumn 1986.


The main task of the helicopter is the carriage of mail, pilot training, business travel, patrolling, and it can be used as a sanitary point.

Description Mi-34

The original model of the helicopter was equipped with a propulsion model M-14 from Ka-26, which took power in 242 kW. This model is widely used in the motor sport aircraft. In the development and manufacture of the new helicopters were used in the latest and high-quality parts and materials, a simple design that only improve the performance of the machine. By using a simple chassis, namely the type of ski, the helicopter has become more practical and get the best performance characteristics.

In order for the helicopter to effectively perform its tasks, the designers have thought through and calculated large overload that it can withstand. These characteristics allow the helicopter Mi-34 perform a variety of stunts.

Mi-34 price

Mi-34 can be used as a sports car and speak at international competitions. To date, this machine flies on the accuracy and navigation, sophisticated enough sports figures in the air. During the test, the machine was able to perform such heavy aerobatics as "barrel" and "Nesterov's Loop". Prior to this, no Soviet helicopter could not carry out these tasks.

The second prototype of the model helicopter was ready to 1987 year. Then Mi-34 was presented at the Paris Salon of Aviation and Astronautics, and later in many exhibitions of the world, where he demonstrated his excellent flight characteristics.

In the course of further modernization of the Mi-34 helicopter I got more opportunities. This unit is used as a passenger and cargo. He also served as an air patrol car and perform tasks connected item.

The construction of multi-purpose helicopter Mi-34

The helicopter has a design standard single-rotor helicopter with tail rotors. The chassis has a simplified structure and is represented by skis.

Mi-34 2 photo

The housing is made of aluminum alloy, which is widely used by the CM, and then proceeds to design the tail boom, on which the casing for the tail rotor. The tail boom is equipped on the left side swept plumage. The cockpit has a large area of ​​glazing that gives greater visibility when maneuvering. control helicopter can carry a two and one pilot, managing duplicated for both pilots. Behind the pilots placed two more seats for passengers. On each side of the cab there are two doors.

The four-rotor system is presented, and the blades are mounted elastically. Bush and hinges provide a secure and resilient rotating screws in a horizontal plane. Main rotor blades are rectangular in shape and are made of fiberglass, which is reinforced with carbon fiber. Tail rotor machine has 1,98 diameter in meters. It consists of two blades which have the function of pushing and also are made of fiberglass.

Mi-34 nine-equipped power plant, which is air-cooled. The engine is mounted in the middle of the body of the helicopter, equipped with a gearbox and a cooling fan. The power plant has a high pick-up and is insensitive to penetration of exhaust into the air intake. The latter characteristic is very important for helicopters that perform very complex maneuvers or sports figure.

Mi-34 3434

Helicopter tank has a small volume, only 160 liters. It is located in the central part of the machine body, can provide the engine with fuel even in the inverted position. The entire control system is completely mechanical and has a duplicated system for two pilots. In the case of uselessness control to the left of the pilot can be dismantled. The cockpit has a modern equipment, which is represented by an altimeter, a radio station, radio compass and artificial horizon.

The modifications of the Mi-34

The most successful model can be regarded as a modification of the Mi-34 WHA, which is equipped with two piston engines, which have a capacity of 430 horsepower. This power unit provides a large capacity machine and provides significant flight range.

The plans of the designers was to manufacture this model in 93 year. Unfortunately, there was a delay in development, and for the first time this modification was introduced in 95 year's exhibition. Designers are also manufactured and war machine called the Mi-34M, which should perform reconnaissance.

Mi-34 111

For the needs of the police helicopter was manufactured, which is able to carry out patrols. For this task, it was equipped with a projector and a speaker. In addition to all of these models, there is a helicopter, which is equipped with a gas turbine power plant model Allison 250. All modifications of the Mi-34 have no weapons. But the practice of using similar machines shows that they can be equipped with different weapons and sighting equipment.

Sporting achievements Mi-34

For the first time in the history of the Russian helicopter aviation, our team took part in international sporting events in the summer of 2007 years. The main sponsor was the company "Helicopters of Russia". As a result of these events, we were able to take the top places in the championships of such countries as Italy, England and France.

The Mi-34 helicopter was originally designed by order of DOSAAF and the Ministry of Defense for helicopter sports and pilot training. The variation of the Mi-34C1 has more 100 improvements compared to its predecessor - the Mi-34С. 

The new modern Mi-34S1 helicopter has the highest international standards of maneuverability, safety, ease of maintenance, pilot comfort and operating costs. The operational and flight characteristics of the Mi-34S1 helicopter enable it to work effectively as a helicopter for initial training and increasing flight skills, for private and corporate transportation, all types of monitoring (including monitoring fire hazardous areas, performing police functions and monitoring gas and oil pipelines ), use in agricultural aviation, training civil pilots, use in extinguishing fires, as well as use as a sports helicopter. 


Mi-34S1 photo

Mi-34S1 photo


Main helicopter functions:

  • Training 

  • Transport

  • Agriculture 

  • Monitoring (including pipeline monitoring and police functions)

  • Sport 

  • Firefighting 



Mi-34S1 photo


Characteristics of the Mi-34S1:

  • Range: 450km 

  • Cruising speed: 180km / hour 

  • The highest altitude: 3000m 

  • The highest take-off weight: 1450kg 

  • Cabin height: 1,3m 

  • interior length: 3,1m 

  • The greatest number of passengers: 1 / 3 (4) 

  • Interior width: 1,27 m 

  • Height: 2,75 (with screw)  

  • Length: 11,48 (with screw) 


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