MiG-110 is a multi-purpose aircraft for transport. This machine was developed in the design office of Mikoyan. The main task of the new transport plane was the replacement of older vehicles such as "AN" and "Yak".

According to the plans of customers and designers, this unit should be much cheaper in the manufacture and quite easy to operate and maintain. The machine was placed on the large ground and taking off even with a small length of ground pads. Also, a new car must have excellent flight performance at high altitudes and land on the highlands.


Designers developed the aircraft for cargo and passenger flights in all climates of the world. This machine is capable of producing the flights at any time of the day or night. MiG-110 could carry even a small-sized motor vehicles. The machine was in a cargo, and passenger version, but any of them could be converted.

The history of the MiG-110

The earliest development of the project cargo aircraft MiG-110 were started just before 90-years of the last century. Initially this aircraft was used for military purposes for the delivery of cargo in the enemy's rear carriage or intelligence units. In addition, the machine must have excellent flight characteristics. In 1990 year competition for the manufacture of this type of aircraft has won bureau Mikoyan. Chief designer of the project MiG-110 was appointed NZ Matyuk. With this development, the 94 financed from the budget of the Russian Federation.


The first full-scale mock-up was ready in the summer of 1997 years after that aircraft plant "Sokol" in Nizhniy Novgorod started to create a prototype of the machine MiG-110. In 98 the Government of the Russian Federation held talks about the manufacture of this machine in Austria. This issue was discussed in 2000, the program delivery model to Austria fighters MiG-29.

Despite the fact that the project was quite timely and profitable from the economic point of view, a full-scale manufacturing was quite prolonged in time. The main reason for this was the lack of funding from the government. At the end of 98 years, interest in this machine has almost disappeared, which is why this project is almost abandoned, and designers who worked on the MiG-110, moved into the design bureau Sukhoi, which started working on a similar machine type Su-80.

Design features of the MiG-110

The machine of this type has been developed in a variety of options, because it can be used for both military and civilian missions.

Powerplant MiG-110 was represented by two screw-type engines TV7 117S. They set in motion screw type SV-34, 6 consisted of blades. They are distinguished by the fact that published little noise during the flight. With regard to the weight of the machine, it was little more than 15 tonnes when empty. This cargo plane had fairly spacious cargo bay, which was no less than the AN-72.

The plane is made of two-beam scheme, which allowed to load more convenient because propelled machines or containers can be placed directly in front of the cargo ramp. Also, this scheme allows the machine body to convert the aircraft under a special mission and objectives. For this reason, many modifications were made MiG-110.

A well-designed aerodynamics liner allows for a flight even on one engine, it significantly improves the quality of flight safety. In addition, the excellent aerodynamic qualities of the aircraft provide excellent handling and good stability when flying in different conditions. A feature can also be called and that all the main system unit is fully reserved. All this allows us to fly a plane of this type, even middle-class pilot training.

MiG-110 scheme

As regards wing unit, they have a high location on the fuselage. The plane had a U-shaped tail. Gondolas on which were located the engines, is a continuation of the beams that hold the tail unit. For more convenient loading in MiG-110 was equipped special cargo ramp. Through it, you can download the standard aircraft containers or even cars such as Mercedes or "Volga".

The plane had a quality and effective system chassis, which was represented by three pillars. They have been designed for safe take off from unprepared airfields ground with a short runway. Due to all this, the aircraft had a large resource exploitation, which was 25 thousand hours of flight.

MiG-110 was equipped with the most recent at the time navigation equipment, which allows flight at any time and in almost any weather conditions. The machine on board had a radio system and associated aircraft equipment, which was used in the liners of the new generation in civil aviation. With regard to the equipment of the cargo hold, it was presented to the system will automatically load and unload. The department has its own air-conditioning system.

To date, the multifunctional MiG-110 completely frozen, but further work in this direction can be resumed.

MiG-110 characteristics:

Modification   MiG-110
Wingspan, m   25.00
Aircraft Length m   18.90
Height, m   5.40
  maximum take-off   18000
engine's type   2 TVD TV7-117С
Thrust, kgf   X 2 2500
Maximum speed km / h   550
Cruising speed, km / h   500
Ferry range, km   3775
Practical range, km   1680
Practical ceiling, m   8000
Crew   2
Payload   48 passengers or 20 parachutists or 5500 kg of cargo


The decision to create a light multipurpose transport MiG-110 was made in an era when the countries that made up the "great and mighty" began to share the material, technical, and scientific achievements that they received with "their" and "others." It urgently required a domestic aircraft capable of replacing Yak-40 and "Ana" in the future with "twenty-fourth" and "twenty-sixth". The range of application of the new machine was planned to be extremely wide: from cargo transportation with a total mass of 5 tons to the transport of 50 passengers. Combining such a variety of options on a single aircraft platform was quite a challenge, but the design bureau. Mikoyan was not afraid of difficulties and took up this task.
The proposed two-beam, wide-bodied construction with cargo ramp, U-shaped feathers simplified the loading and transportation of equipment, weapons, as well as other cargo for various purposes. Two turboprop engines included a power unit. The marketing service advertised the new aircraft in every way, looking for buyers. At some point, even Austria began talking about the possibility of licensed production of MiG-110. But the interest of the Mikoyanovites to the car was gradually coming to naught - state financing left much to be desired, and the company could not invest its own money, which the company already had financial difficulties.
But this is not the end of history. Transition series OKB the camp competitors - the company "Sukhoi" - was marked by not only the "brain drain". Also, "left" and some of the projects, in particular, the MiG-110, were developed in the project Su-80.


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