Administrative MiG-125 developed at JSC RAC Mikoyan and Gurevich. The aircraft belongs to the business class, and the main purpose is the carriage of administrators and middle managers. MiG-125 is in the category of light aircraft, its take-off weight of 5545 kilos. Engineers have designed it mainly for the Russian domestic market, it is because it is relatively inexpensive and is capable of covering vast distances.

For the Russian airlines it is very important that was fast and light aircraft, which in a short time be able to move quickly from the European side to the Asian country. Additional requirements for future aircraft, of course, is a comfortable flight. Actually, this is determined by the size and design, and the optimum cruising speed, the volume inside the fuselage. Air Machine Mikoyan and Gurevich should be as close as possible be similar to the plane of the middle class.

Naturally, the development of such a competitive business aircraft requires the use of advanced technology and minimal technical risk. That is, we need help foreign companies and firms to obtain certification for the production and use of marked engines with FAA and JAA. The cost of creating a business aircraft should also be minimal, since it will depend on the price for both internal and external market. But initially it is necessary to win the domestic market, and then switch to the outside.

The aircraft is being developed as an administrative one. It is single and has seven passenger seats with a total carrying capacity of more than two tons. The maximum speed of the future device is 870 kilometers per hour with a flight range of almost 4000 km. In the planning of the designers, a practical ceiling of 13 m is considered, but with certain refinements it can reach almost 000 m. Thanks to two FJ14-000 turbojet engines manufactured by Williams Rolls and an eleven-meter wingspan, the maximum thrust is reached at 44 kgf.

The plane is very promising, but at this time it designing postponed. In the archives there are only conceptual layout.

MiG-125 characteristics:

Modification   MiG-125
Wingspan, m   11.00
Aircraft Length m   12.10
Height, m   4.60
  empty aircraft  
  maximum take-off   5545
  Fuel   1860
engine's type   2 TRD Williams Rolls FJ44-2
Thrust, kgf   X 2 1043
Maximum speed km / h  
Cruising speed, km / h   870
Practical range, km   3970
Practical ceiling, m   13720
Crew   1
Payload   4-7 passengers or 2225 kg of cargo


The development of domestic administrative aircraft is a thankless task. Not from the point of view of design methods or the creation of the aircraft itself - we can build planes, and we can teach others. The problem in saturation with on-board equipment, creating maximum comfort and meeting the concept of a "flying office". And this is not to mention the features of technology, certification of individual units and the whole machine. Completely on their own does not work. Therefore, it is simpler, faster and more economical to buy a new, if possible, means, board or "beushku" of imported production. But, perhaps, in the expanses of the former USSR there is not a single aircraft and helicopter KB that would not make an attempt to create such a type of aircraft.
OKB already tried himself in the role of the creators of the administrative machine still under modification multipurpose MiG-25. Back to the topic they are back in the project MiG-125 - jet business jet, designed to carry up to seven passengers at a distance of 4000 km at a cruising speed of about 800 km / h. However, the work is postponed for the stage of development tehpredlozheniya, the alleged appearance can be judged only on the conceptual layout.


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