Mig-15M is a modification of the MiG-15, the main difference being the lack of a pilot in the modified version. Refurbished in the target were MiG-15 bis or MiG-15 airplanes that were removed from the country's armament at the expense of their flying resource expended. The combat use of the unmanned version reached an indicator of 13 kilometers. The set of maximum height was carried out for 18 minutes after take-off, after which the vehicle was on the combat course. The horizontal flight was at optimum speeds up to 950 km / h. This radio-controlled machine was able to stay in the air for about 55 minutes.

MiG-15M. Characteristics:

Modification   MiG-15M
Wingspan, m   10,08
Aircraft Length m   10,11
Height, m   3,70
Wing area, m2   20,60
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   3400
  normal takeoff   4650
engine's type   1 TRD VK-1
Maximum thrust   X 1 2700
Maximum speed km / h:   880-950
The flight duration, min   55
Practical ceiling, m   1300


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