MiG-29. Fighter "invisible"
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MiG-29. Fighter "invisible"

MiG-29. Fighter "invisible"


Publisher: Eksmo, Yauza 

Author: Nikolay Yakubovich

Russian language

Год издания: 2011

Количество страниц: 122


The story begins with the fighters during the Vietnam War. It was at a time when large losses "phantoms", the Americans decided to create a winner - light aircraft air combat. It is in this situation and created the first "Fighting Falcon".

MiG-29. Fighter "invisible"

But despite the leadership, the Soviet Union did not remain silent in response to the front and created a fourth-generation fighter MiG-29.On quickly improved, was aimed at a wide range of tasks, and, after that, became famous and popular of all the continents.

A little more history.

Each fighter has their own characteristics:

Crew: 1 2 any person.

Length: varies from 17 19 m to m

Wingspan: from the 10 12 m to m

Height: from 4 6 m to m

Wing area: 38,06 m²


They also uchuvstvovat in the Kargil War (1999 year)

MiG-29 was performed escorting bombers "Mirage" 2000, which used laser-guided bombs.

MiG-29. Fighter "invisible"

Just Mig - 29 was involved in Ethiopia's war-eriteyskoy (1998-2000). After the incident, the conflict 1998, erythema realized that all stocks of weapons at the end, the forces at the level of small enemies and decided to re-equip its army, which at that time consisted of the most common combat-capable aircraft.

In Belarus, a 80-th year made several MiG-29.Vnutrennie Ethiopian military forces have begun to purchase from Russia today, for them, the Su-27sk which were equipped with powerful weapons. In 1999 and 2000 fourth-generation Russian fighters met several times, but their forces were equal. And if you count all the damages, we can conclude that it lost three or four MiG-29. But they managed to bring down the Ethiopian Mig-21Three MiG-23-BN and one Su-25.

But 27-th Su Migi do not they could have waited until Migara will fuel and repents someone valnuli.

The work on the creation of the fighter of the newest, 4-th generation were started by the OKB im. Mikoyan, when the concept of "strategic planning" made sense, and the term "state support" meant real help and state order. The serial production of the MiG-29 took place during the years of perestroika, and the beginning of mass exploitation coincided with the collapse of the USSR. Not everyone, even the most successful design, could withstand such twists of history. MiG-29 not only survived, but continues to develop successfully. At the moment, the creators set themselves the task of creating a new aircraft family, unified by the avionics and selection of weapons, including the most promising modifications.
MiG-29SMT - Single version of the fighter with an updated set of equipment, based on the principle of open architecture, powerful members of the armed suspension of guided missiles "air-surface" and increased fuel capacity.
MiG-29K (KUB) - single and double machine generation «4 ++» to be placed on aircraft carriers. They are designed to oboronyoperativnyh soedineniykorabley against attacks from the air and sea, as well as the implementation of strikes on enemy targets in the coastal zone. Features of the application required to strengthen the airframe, installation knit, highly mechanized wing.
MiG-29M (M2) - single and double multifunctional «4 ++» fighters. Characterized by an increase in range, payload and placed on board a variety of weapons. On the basis of this experimental apparatus designed aircraft with thrust vectoring MiG-29OVT having super abilities not only in flexibility, but also in normal piloting.


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