Mimino (1977).
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Mimino (1977).

Mimino (1977).



  • Genre: tragicomedy

  • Country: USSR

  • Duration: 92 minutes

  • Director: Danelia

  • Starring: Vakhtang Kikabidze Frunzik Mkrtchyan, Yelena Proklova, I. Komarov, Yevgeny Leonov Kote Daushvili Ruslan Mikaberidze, closed Sakhvadze Marina Dyuzheva, Rusiko Morcheladze, Archil Gomiashvili


Valiko Mizandari (nickname Mimino) is a pilot of the helicopter Mi-2 Georgian airlines. For the first time in a long time, he met his classmate, with whom they went to school together, and learned that a fellow student pilot on international flights, at its disposal airliner Tu-144 and he flies with the hostess Larisa, fell in love and Mimino.

Unable to find a place and determined to win the stewardess from Mimino an idea to go to the big aircraft, and he goes to Moscow.

Mimino (1977).


In Moscow Valiko located in the hotel under the guise of a conference participant, where he met with the driver who came for the truck purchase. From the first days, they became friends in the evening lowered all previously accumulated money for entertainment, and then they were evicted from the hotel to learn about their machinations Conference on Endocrinology.



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