Up in the Air (2009) USA
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Up in the Air (2009) USA

Up in the Air (2009) USA


The film's protagonist - a corporate lawyer who is all the time on business trips; a man who excelled in everything except their personal lives.

For 1 year - 322 days in the way, 350 thousand miles (although the moon just 250). Some people feel more comfortable on the road than at home.

Up in the Air (2009) US 1

The film 6 Oscar nominations.

All that we - ordinary passengers annoying and a little scary, fascinating protagonist: checking baggage, personal searches, registration, flight ...

Up in the Air (2009) US 3

Here, among the queues in front of the Stoics registration with business halls of airports, including first-class hotel rooms and lounges - his house. The meaning of his life - to fly ten million miles to become a passenger with special privileges. But beyond that, he gets the job done - reduces a foreign state. He is proud, cynical and ruthless. But the next trip will make him reconsider views on life. But for how long?

The film is a measure of ironic, partly funny, sometimes sad and rather philosophical.

Up ...


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