Multipurpose helicopter - BK-117
Multipurpose helicopter - BK-117

Multipurpose helicopter - BK-117

MBB / Kawasaki BK-117 - a multi-purpose helicopter, which is intended for the transport of goods and passengers. Able to perform various tasks - from evacuating the wounded and sick to participating in antiterrorist operations. With special equipment and weapons installed, the helicopter can be used for surveillance and reconnaissance, combat tanks and fire support troops.

The helicopter was designed in the second half of 1970 by the companies Kawasaki (Japan) and MBB (Germany), prototypes of helicopters were built both in Japan and in Germany. The first VK-117, made in Germany, took off 13.06.1979 of the year, and the first from Japan - 10.08.1979 of the year. Serial production has been carried out since 1981 in both countries.

BK-117 photo

BK-117 helicopter

VK.117 constructively is a continuation of the famous helicopter BO105 company MBB; In its creation, progressive technologies and constructive solutions were widely used, which have already been well-proven and tested on the Wo105. He became popular especially after filming in the most expensive Austrian television series "Alpine Patrol - every life is valued."

Dashboard BK-117

BK-117 Salon

Characteristics of the MBB / KawasakiBK 117:

  • Length: 13.01.
  • Height: 3,85 (with rotating screws).
  • Empty weight: 1764kg.
  • Flight range with the most loaded: 1900km.
  • Engines: 2 turboshaft TurbomecaArriel1E2.
  • Link: 2 × 738l. from. (2 × 550kVt).
  • Number of seats: 9mest.
  • The diameter of the rotor: 11,0m.
  • The diameter of the tail rotor: 1,96m.
  • The area, which swept rotor: 95,03kv.m.
  • Profile wing: NACA23012 / 23010 (rotor blades).
  • Track chassis 2,5m.
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 3350kg.
  • with a load on the suspension: 3500kg.
  • The weight of fuel in internal tanks: 558kg.
  • Volume of fuel tanks: 685l.
  • Permissible maximum speed: 277km / h.
  • Maximum speed: 250km / h.
  • Cruising speed: 235km / h.
  • Practical range: 540km.
  • Flight duration: 2ch50min.
  • Ceiling: 5480m.
  • Static ceiling:
  • without the use of ground effect: 3520m.
  • using ground effect: 3690m.
  • Rate of climb: 10,9m / s.
  • The load on the drive: 35,25kg / sq.m.
  • with a load on the suspension: 36,8 kg. / sq.
  • Thrust-to-weight ratio: 219,8Vt / kg.
  • with a load on the suspension: 210,1Vt / kg.

BK-117. Gallery.

BK-117 helicopter at the airportBK-117 flightBK-117 on grass

BK-117 flightBK-117 runwayBK-117 in the snow

BK-117 flightBK-117 in flight view from belowBK-117 in flight side view

BK-117 flight over grassBK-117 embarkation and disembarkationBK-117 exhibition

BK-117 photos near theBK-117 photo in the skyBK-117 arriving helicopter

BK-117 video

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