Aircraft Modernization sphere. Improving the quality and safety.
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Aircraft Modernization sphere. Improving the quality and safety.

Aircraft Modernization sphere. Improving the quality and safety.


Aircraft is a high-tech area in which the constant need to modernize processes to ensure not only effective technical properties and parameters of the aircraft, but also to improve the operational safety of aircraft. However, new solutions are not always succeed in this connection, the main components of an aircraft are manufactured by metal forming.


Designing future aircraft complex process that requires extremely high quality approach


In the production of large aircraft used stamps, which is deformed by applying a force metal, giving it the desired shape. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the process is already proven and in use for many decades, there are currently a number of promising methods of obtaining in aircraft ready components for future aircraft, which, despite the poor performance, give much better results Strength in terms of capacity and performance.


The process of finishing the fuselage profile is very time consuming and requires a highly qualified approach.


Method of pulse forming is a more radical solution to modern aircraft industry since deformation preform and the process of obtaining the finished product, for example, part of the wing, there is no transmission of any dangerous stresses leading to destruction of the component parts of the aircraft, which greatly increases the operational ability of either Another air hub, improves safety when performing air travel, which is what modern aircraft manufacturers are striving for. The actual process of manufacturing component parts of the aircraft, and here may refer outer sheathing of the fuselage, the wing skin, and the like of the engine, it is very simple and generally does not require high material costs. Principle indicated method lies in the fact that the profile of the future detail is attached to the workpiece due to the pulsed fluid pressure, wherein, in the metal does not occur hazardous voltage, which does not lead to disturbances in the microstructure, and hence prolongs the operation of the aircraft on 10-15 %.


By Hydroimpulsive stamping can obtain products of almost any shape and size, which is typical for aviation


Despite the rather large dimensions mud pulse systems for the aircraft industry, and this is perhaps one of the most characteristic disadvantages of this method of producing pressed parts of the aircraft, the current method allows you to do almost without any equipment - to the existing profile of the future detail laid sheet required size, and then, special container is filled with hydraulic fluid (water, oil, etc.) and powerful impulse generated, usually by an electric discharge, the metal deforms acc obstacle to the necessary profile - as a rule, for the manufacture of one piece takes about 25-30 minutes, but at the same time on a single equipment can produce a variety of parts, without follow-up and finalization of surfaces that generally accelerates the production of any aircraft.


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