Tomb for Dreamliner'a. Why Boeing 777 better than Boeing 787?
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Tomb for Dreamliner'a. Why Boeing 777 better than Boeing 787?

Tomb for Dreamliner'a. Why Boeing 777 better than Boeing 787?


United States to favor related to Boeing 787 DreamlinerWho became the first American long-haul aircraft and aircraft makers because of Boeing used the opportunity to demonstrate its high performance features. However, the aircraft price is still extremely high, and therefore the United States airlines prefer to use the old and time-tested aircraft, because in the Boeing catalog price 787, you can buy almost 10 airliners Boeing 777.



Thus, Boeing 787 Dreamliner may soon remain on the roadside unused, and all because of its low popularity and high cost. Nevertheless, there are a number of additional factors why 777 Boeing currently enjoys great success. First, the production line of Boeing is filled with demand among buyers for 2017 year by only half, which in turn saves the need to expect the purchase of Boeing 787 Dreamliner for several years, and in addition, intending to acquire a passenger airliner in the near future, do so Will be quite simple, since orders for this year are filled only by 60%, which allows you to get the aircraft in the shortest time. Secondly, the drop in prices for aviation fuel allows to minimize the cost of maintaining Boeing 777, and even if Dreamliner saves about 12% of fuel, its payback in this case will be very long-term. In addition, the modernization of the fuselage of the Boeing 777, which will be produced next year, will save about 2% of fuel, which further leads to the fact that these aircraft are much more relevant for world air carriers



In view of all these events remains unknown fate of the aircraft Boeing 787-10 DreamlinerThat appears 2018 year, as in the case of insufficient demand for it will likely produced only a few units. Of course, the passenger capacity of the aircraft will be very large, but whether it is necessary to airlines, is still unclear.

However, Boeing's leadership still believes that airlines will switch their attention to Dreamliner'y, especially because it can be very topical after a number of rating agencies recognized the Boeing one of the 777 2014, the aircraft unsafe.

Experts note that in a few years, Boeing 777-300ER It was the best model in the class of wide-body aircraft Boeing production line. The cost of the popular aircraft, which can carry as many as 386 passengers, breaking up 12 thousand kilometers without additional landings and refueling, was one of the lowest in the aircraft construction industry, however, the corporation had not paid attention to it, and because Boeing 787 Dreamliner project simply rolls to the grave, and, at the moment inevitably quickly.


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