Moldavian Airlines
Moldavian Airlines

Moldavian Airlines (Moldavian Airlines). Official site.

"Moldavian Airlines" is the first airline that was a private person on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. At the moment, this company ranks second in the country in terms of the number of airliners and passenger turnover after Air Moldova. This company is an official member of such organizations as ICAO and IATA. Also, the Moldovan Airlines is creating an alliance with Carpatair, which operates in Romania, due to this, most of the flights are conducted jointly. The airline does not have loyalty programs and encouraging customers who often use their services. For all the time of the company's work, there has not been a single plane crash that would have resulted in casualties.

History of formation and development of the company "Moldavian Airlines"

Digging began operations in 1994 year, with the first departure cruised along the route from Chisinau to Moscow. Since its inception used Yak-42, which was leased to the Ukraine. Passenger transportation is also carried out with the use of the Tu-134.

In 1995 year using Yak-40 opened new flights to Budapest, Milan and Rostov. Private Plane foreign production company acquired in 1997 year, he became the unit tipaSAAB-340B. This year, and other countries of the former Soviet Union began to use these machines. With 1999 years "Moldavian Airlines" became the Moldovan-Swiss organization that transports passengers.

Updating the fleet of the company occurred in 2003 year due to the acquisition of two aircraft of type SAAB-2000, salon which can accommodate passengers 50. It should be noted that it is the only company that is so widely used planes of Swedish manufacture. In the early 2004 year contract was signed code-share type with the Hungarian company Malev Hungarian Airlines, which has allowed to establish service between Budapest and Chisinau. At present, this flight is not performed. The composition of the fleet of aircraft added to the Fokker-100 105 2005 seats in the year.

The first flights to the capital of Turkey, Moldavian Airlines have launched only 2010 years, but this flight has not existed for a long time, he was transferred to another company in Moldova. Starting with the year 2013, in the territory of the Republic of Moldova have begun to use aircraft such as Boeing-737, this machine was acquired by Moldavian Airlines.

Directions flights

At the moment, "Moldavian Airlines" carry out regular flights to cities such as Venice, Antalya, Milan, Riga, Rome and Timisoara.

Fleet "Moldavian Airlines"

The current state of the company is not bad, in her work she uses such aircraft as Boeing, SAAB and Fokker. The total number of aircraft fleet is 4 machines, of which 2 SAAB 2000, one Fokker 100 and one aircraft of type Boeing 737-300.

In addition to passengers, the airline operates and freight. It should be noted that not all the goods transported, excluding transportation of animals is, explosives and radioactive substances. Not subject to the transport of coffins with the remains of containers and items of value.

During the entire existence of the company, not a single catastrophe or incident was recorded that would lead to human casualties. Malfunctions of the aircraft systems after takeoff were recorded twice, but the aircraft successfully made emergency landings at airports. 


Basic data of the airline Moldavian Airlines:

  • Airline country - Moldova

  • International aviation line Chisinau

  • Year of appearance: 1994

  • IATA airline code: 2M

  • ICAO airline code: MDV

  • Internal airline code: 2M


Moldavian Airlines (Moldavian Airlines). Official site:

Moldavian Airlines (Moldavian Airlines). Official site.


Contact details:

  • City airline phone: +37322529356

  • Postal address of the airline: hotel, airport, Chisinau, Moldova, MD2026,

  • Airline Fax: +37322525064

  • E-mail Airlines:

  • The base airports of the airline are airports: Chisinau

  • The fleet aircraft are airlines: Fokker100, Saab2000.

Moldavian Airlines

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