Morane-Saulnier AI (MS-27 / -29)
Morane-Saulnier AI (MS-27 / -29)

Morane-Saulnier AI (MS-27 / -29)




  • Type: Single single-engine fighter with a parasol wing type

  • Crew: one pilot

Although it was highly appreciated during the first flight in the late summer of 1917, the radically altered AI aircraft caused disappointment when enrolled at the front early next year. Although the company "Moran-Solnier" built more than 1000 aircraft, this type, after replacing it with more traditional SPAD 13.С aircraft, was demoted to the training aircraft by the middle of May. The official reasons for the rapid loss of its importance by this aircraft remain unclear until now, although some sources at the time noted that many AI aircraft suffered from structural destruction in flight, and its rotary engine proved too temperamental in its daily operation. Two AI planes still make regular flights: one - to Old Rheinbeck, and the other (a half-copy) in the collection of J. Salis in France. In the same countries, there are several more exact copies in the state of airworthiness.


Morane-Saulnier AI (MS-27 / -29) photo

Morane-Saulnier AI (MS-27 / -29) photo


Basic data


  • Length: 5,65 m Wingspan: 8,51 height: 2,4 m
  • Flight duration: 1,75 hours Powerplant: "Dwarf Monosupap" 9N Power: 150 l. from. (112 kW)


The weight:

  • BLANK: 414 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 674 kg


Date of first flight:

  • early August 1917 years


The surviving airworthy modifications: Type AI

Right: One of the replicas from the collection of Jean Salis performs a jog at the airport La Fert4 Alais.


Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 221 km / h


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