Can pregnant fly on an airplane?
Can pregnant fly on an airplane?

Can pregnant fly on an airplane?


When a woman is "in position", it must necessarily take care of yourself, because all during pregnancy - this is a very difficult and stressful condition. On this occasion, the fair sex is often the question arises - is it possible to fly on an airplane pregnant?

By itself, flying in the air is also a state of stress from physical and moral ending. Flights pretty dangerous. And women need to know what are the risks, to decide for themselves - and whether you want to fly? Among the biggest dangers for pregnant women especially are noted: pressure surges, lack of oxygen, and thromboembolic complications.

A pregnant woman is very sensitive to various changes in the environment. Therefore, when the aircraft takes off or landing, there may be pressure problems. Depending on the body, each girl in her own way carries the flight. In practice, it has long been proven that premature birth occurs in the airplane. And this is dangerous both for the child and for the woman in childbirth, not only because of the pressure and stress, but also because there is no provision of qualified assistance. In any case, before the flight, you should always consult a gynecologist, measure the cervix and pass an ultrasound. In the case of disapproval results or when a risk is detected of giving birth in an airplane, the airline has the right to refuse the ladies in the performance of their services. Even if the date is already late, the girl should not fly. The same situation occurs with multiple pregnancies.

All future mother sitting on a plane, should be aware that they may have a lack of oxygen. And it is exactly the same negative effect on the fetus. The woman starts to get nervous and worry, and the child - suffer from hypoxia. There is only one way to avoid this. We need to pull myself together, to throw out all the bad things out of your head, take a deep breath and relax. Some girls in difficult and stressful situations is often a severe form of anemia. In this case, the flight is strictly prohibited.

One of the easiest complications is thrombosis. During pregnancy, there may be thromboembolic complications during flight because of the need to constantly sit. The legs can form a blood clot, which leads to deep vein thrombosis. And in an uncomfortable chair with a multi-hour flight everything just gets worse. There are several solutions to this problem. First, you can use compression stockings. They will facilitate the flight. Secondly, you need to drink plenty of water, but usual. And in any case not with caffeine. Thirdly, in the absence of turbulence and air holes in a calm flight, you can walk around the cabin a little. But you need to do this very carefully.

Recent research scientists have shown that flight adversely affecting the pregnancy as well as radiation. Hops should be rare. The cosmic radioactive radiation - this is not fiction. Earlier studies of the effect on human radiation in the air doing purely by NASA to enhance the protection of astronauts.

While a person lives in any place at sea level, he is protected by a thick layer of the atmosphere and annually receives a dose of radiation equal to 2 X-ray images. It is safe. But in the sky, where airplanes fly smoothly, this layer is greatly reduced, which, in turn, leads to an increase in irradiation with radiation. Back in the 90-ies, the US Federal Aviation Administration acknowledged the fact that the pilot of the aircraft receives the same amount of radiation exposure per year as a person working in a place of high radiation. But this is not a reason for pregnant girls to panic and flatly refuses to fly. Researchers and scientists have proved that if you carry out infrequent flights, then there will be no risk to the fetus.

If we compare the irradiation in the sky and on the ground, then we can surely observe such a picture - in seven hours of flight a person is exposed to 2,5 radiation less times than when exposed to a chest X-ray. And regarding the fear of receiving a dose of radiation when passing through the framework of metal detectors at the airport, you can generally calm down. Airport staff claim that the frame produce a very weak magnetic field.    


In a desirable flights trimester for pregnant women?


Advanced gynecologists advise pregnant women to fly in the second period, namely the minutes of 14-28-th week. In the first period there is a risk of miscarriage, as the child is still not fully formed (in this stage of pregnancy often suffer toxemia). In the third trimester there is a great probability of premature birth. Belly already quite large, because of the uncomfortable to sit.


Prohibitions for pregnant women to fly in an airplane fall into three categories:

  • In the third trimester. If singleton - after 36-weeks if Multiple - after 32-weeks.
  • With the threat of miscarriage, with complicated pregnancy, in the presence of various pathologies.
  • You can not fly after birth in the first week.


Number of bans and their complexity can vary not only from the state of women in labor, but according to the rules of the country or the airline. So, for example, British doctors forbid flights, if the girl is observed preeclampsia, placental offer or difficult runs anemia.

You can not fly a plane if there is a threat to the future mother of premature detachment of the placenta or low placentation. It is also desirable to fly, if the fetus is in the wrong position when mothers viewed low rate of red blood cells or sickle cell anemia.

It is strictly prohibited flights in case of bleeding, or if she was in the hospital, as well as heavy breathing, lung or heart disease, if you recently had surgery done on the abdominal organs (for example, removed an appendix). It is not recommended during inflammation in the middle ear and sinuses.


Standard rules of airlines for pregnant women


Each company has its own rules about the flights of girls in the position. Therefore, before buying a ticket you need to find out. If the third trimester came and the girl was left one month before the birth, you need to take a special permission from the gynecologist. The airline prohibits flights if the period is 37 week (premature birth may occur). Also for the flight, the girl must have an exchange card, which is provided by the airline. A prerequisite is the signing of a special document, namely the consent of the girl that the airline is not responsible for the state of health. The rules for each company are different, and they can change, so it's best to consult in advance.


Examples of the requirements of airlines:

- "Aeroflot": pregnant women, childbirth is possible that within the next four weeks, the doctor must give consent in writing for the flight. The medical certificate issued not earlier than seven days before the flight.

- "Transaero": flying a plane is allowed to pregnant women if it will occur no later than 4-weeks before the date of the alleged birth, and if there is no risk for premature birth. It is mandatory to provide airlines exchange card and confirmed by the medical report on the health status. Also, pregnant women are required to sign a warranty, which refers to the absence of liability for any adverse consequences as a result of the flight.

- “AirFrance”: women are allowed “on the position” on AirFrance flights without a doctor's certificate. But the airline management strongly recommends that women consult a doctor for safety.    

The main recommendations for pregnant women during the flight:

  • Discard factor savings and buy a business class ticket. There are wide and comfortable seat, reducing discomfort.
  • Once in the economy class, it is better to sit in the first row. Ahead there is no other chair, and, therefore, can be relatively extended. And because of the air movement (from the nose to the tail) she will not feel the lack of oxygen in the lungs.
  • It is best to sit down with the edge. Due to the particular situation of the expectant mother often has to go to the dressing-room. Sitting on the edge, she simplifies themselves and others fly.
  • Should wear comfortable and natural clothing. It is also advisable to take a pillow. It can be put under his head, abdomen and legs.
  • During the flight, drink plenty of water, but not sparkling. It is forbidden to drink coffee or other drinks that contain caffeine.
  • It should take with the individual foods. It is highly probable that the food provided to the airline, and its smell is simply not appeal to you to taste.
  • Seat belt buckle should be below the stomach, so as not to put pressure on the fetus.
  • During the flight can take off our shoes. Do not throw back his legs, blood circulation. From time to time do special exercises for the calf.
  • If you currently need to have a card exchange. In that case, if the woman herself is flying, you need to have with a phone number of relatives (mother, father, husband). Preferably the presence of blood.


And what do you do if the birth is still started on the plane?


In the world practice, there are many cases associated with safe delivery during the flight. In the event that the birth began, when the flight time is coming to an end, the captain of the crew is contacted by the dispatcher of the city. In turn, in the operational mode, a special machine is being prepared to transport the woman from the gangplank to the hospital. Under the rules of most airlines, stewardesses are trained in the rules of first aid. Therefore, in the case of fights, they will be able to help the woman in childbirth on board the aircraft. But still there is a great danger of loss of both the child and the woman, so all gynecologists-specialists strongly recommend not to fly on late pregnancy.

So asking the question - is it possible to fly on an airplane pregnant, there is a logical answer - only if there are no contraindications and no potential harm to the fetus and the expectant mother. For the airline is required to be examined by a gynecologist. After receiving his approval, you'll be able to fly on a plane.


Reviews of pregnant women on the flight by plane:

"I was flying on an airplane to 23 and 25 weeks, everything went perfectly! My doctor allowed. So if you have the pregnancy is going well, it is not necessary to be afraid of anything! All this is purely individually. Contact plane and abortion is very insignificant, I have never found any evidence, although to be honest, before the flight re-read a lot of forums. I wish you all a favorable course of pregnancy and good luck! "

"In the last pregnancy (5-6 weeks), I had a miscarriage for unknown reasons, so very afraid trip. In this pregnancy in the same period was the tone. After it was removed, it feels good. It does not bother, and he did not rise! The flight was on 16 week, and 17-minutes fly back. Both of 1,5 hours, like everything is fine, but for the toddler still afraid! "

“Girls, I flew with my husband to Spain, the flight is 3,5 hours. I haven't flown yet. Very scary. Pregnancy 26-27 weeks. That's all right, only legs hurt a little. "  

“I want to talk about my flights. So, what flights were made by me during pregnancy: 1) second week - Berlin-Moscow; 2) 5,5-6,5 months - Moscow-Tallinn; Tallinn-Paris. From there to Nice, then to Berlin and back to Moscow. ” 

"The whole period of pregnancy is not pleasant and not quietly flowing. It was everything! And toxicosis, and symphysis, and much more. Only I did not hear about his intentions to fly. But I think you have to be always ready, no matter what. Of course, do not unnecessarily risk in the tropics skydive. If there is a financial opportunity, be sure to take out insurance for pregnant women. But do not deny yourself the opportunity to relax. "

"Always drink water as much as possible and try to raise the legs, stand up every half hour and walk around the cabin. And in any case do not have to worry. This is just the baby do worse. Just fire bring a Reglan and valerian. Do not forget all the prescribed drugs. And best of all, if during the flight you will be able to sleep. And if little legs onemeyut, nothing wrong with that. Have a nice rest".

"I did not fly, but my friends were flying. One of Chukotka flew to Krasnodar to give birth to 22 week. Other on 24-th flew to Moscow, and then a long flight lay on the preservation of - blood. Another friend flew on 4-week, but did not know that in the state. And now her daughter 6 years. "

"I flew out of the hospital immediately after the save. The doctor said that on trips. When arrived, I went immediately to the gynecologist. That, in turn, said that all is well. I think if my mother well, and the baby is well. And if you are very experienced, then the child will be nervous. So relax and enjoy the flight and rest. After the birth vacation is quite another to be. "

“I flew to 1 week, 2 and 4. About the fact that the position did not know. And by the time she found out, 6 flights were flying (Peter, Amsterdam, Egypt and all at two ends). The 9 weeks flew 11 hours to the islands, and back to 13 weeks. The 18-19 to Europe. Everything went great. And when I flew on 22-23 week, I was saved on arrival (and they also say it is safe). After that, I'm afraid to fly and sit at home. If anything, then only the train. ” 

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