Is it possible to carry flowers in the plane
Is it possible to carry flowers in the plane

Is it possible to carry flowers in the plane

Often many tourists to commemorate the holiday buying flowers as a souvenir. But before buying often they have questions: "Is it possible to transport the flowers on the plane?", "How can they carry: in baggage or hand luggage?", "Are there any restrictions on their import to Russia or another country? ".

Seeds, plants, flowers and other plant products are perishable items allowed on board the aircraft as baggage (in the luggage compartment or in hand luggage) if this does not contradict the weight / size restrictions and if not violated from / X requirements that apply in the country of destination. Depending on the country, the importation of these products is strictly regulated or even prohibited because of their classification as protected species or the risk of pests. Therefore, it is important to contact the embassy of the country in which you are going to fly.

Is it possible to transport the flowers on the plane? Restrictions on the import of flowers in Russia

According to the law "On Plant Quarantine" bring into the territory of the Russian Federation is prohibited:

  • seeds of wild and cultivated plants;
  • legumes;
  • Live plants and parts thereof;
  • plants with the soil and the soil itself;
  • root vegetables, nuts, bulbs (for example, tulip bulbs from Holland) and other materials of vegetable origin.

Although if you're holding has an international fitosertifikat, the plants do not bring prohibited. It can issue only when you buy flowers at the store. This certificate shall be valid for 15 days. Please note that the plant, despite the presence of the certificate, should not be ground, but certainly a special substrate.

Perhaps many indignant and say that the carriage of plants and seeds and not taken. Of course, this is possible, as is custom at the airport to passengers provozyaschim flowers, pretty loyal.

But if you do not want to take risks and go without the purchased plants, it is best to pull it out of the pot, be sure to repack into a tight box made of cardboard and put it in your luggage. You can, of course, to transport flowers in hand luggage, but the chances remain without customs increased.

Is it possible to carry the flowers on the plane? A few common questions

What happens if during the examination I find a plant or a bulb in hand luggage or luggage?

In this case, they will be confiscated. Penalties for transportation of plants in Russia are not provided.

 Can you bring the plants in the Russian Federation from the CIS?

Yes, almost all CIS flowers, bulbs and seeds can be imported (both in hand luggage and in checked baggage). Exceptions apply only in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan, the importation of plants from these countries will need a certificate.

Is it permissible to bring in plants from the Russian Federation abroad?

All directly related to a specific country.

US - allows the entry of plants, provided that they are in a special substrate (without soil) is fitosertifikaty.

EU - allows you to import plants without a certificate, but they must also be free of soil. Allowed to import no more than five seedlings or potted plants.

Australia - any plants (even dried) for import banned.

Are there any restrictions on the transport of flowers, seeds and bulbs to the territory of the European Union?

Almost all plant species are allowed to transport within the European Union without any restrictions.

How to pack a plant for transportation?

First you need to clean up the rhizome from the ground, wrap a damp newspaper or cloth and packed in a plastic bag.

Do not forget that a flower pot - this is only one piece of hand baggage, at the same time you can bring in the ladies' handbag, briefcase or laptop.

If you are going to bring more things with you, then simply put the plant in a suitcase or bag for hand luggage. It is better that it is packed in a dense cardboard box so that the flower does not get damaged. 

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