MQ-18 Hummingbird
MQ-18 Hummingbird

MQ-18 Hummingbird

The MQ-18 Hummingbird is an unmanned aerial vehicle that looks a lot like a regular helicopter. But unlike standard helicopters, it does not have a system of constant speeds of rotation of the main rotor. Instead, a unique propeller speed optimization system has been developed that allows the operator to adjust RPM for different altitudes, loads and speeds, improving fuel economy and flight time.

Initially, the project indexed A160. Its creator - Frontier Systems Inc. In May 2004 year it bought the company "Boeing". But until then Frontier Systems Inc has designed a UAV mounted piston engine as the US Air Force was interested in it, in addition, the company expects to sell UAVs to the Department of National Security, military organizations and foreign security services.

A little later, in obedience "Boeing", the engineers replaced 4-cylinder engine on 6-cylinder. In addition to the tests worked out the possibility of long-term installation, but still the first option proved himself better.

The project was designed in such a way that the compartments of the A160 were large enough to accommodate various equipment, while simultaneously allowing reconnaissance, reconnaissance, surveillance, retransmission, detection of targets, air strikes and other tasks during the same flight. Outside, it was possible to install a module for transportation and delivery of payloads up to 454 kg. The military was greatly interested in the new ability of the UAV - to stay for a long time in the air at high altitudes. In particular, such curiosity was associated with the military campaign in Afghanistan, where intelligence was urgently required. Also, special forces for the future MQ-18 were turned by the forces of US special operations.

In May, representatives of the mtrs 2009 US carried out the order for Hummingbird A20T 160 units for reconnaissance and attack purposes. It was decided to finance the program right up to 2017 years.

The first flight of the UAV made in the year 2002, 6 years and over due to a variety of tests and upgrades the machine was able to stay in the air almost 18,7 hours. Thus, the UAV was able to get an unofficial world record for the like classes.

In 2009, the former A160T was officially renamed YMQ-18A. In the same year, Boeing signed a contract for the production of 20 UAVs for the US MTR. In 2010, three systems were deployed along with the Forester radar. 

MQ-18 Hummingbird. Characteristics:

Modification   MQ-18A
The diameter of the rotor, m   11.00
Aircraft Length m   10.70
Height, m  
Weight, kg  
  empty   1134
  maximum take-off   2948
engine's type   1 TVD
Power, hp   1 x
Maximum speed km / h   305
Cruising speed, km / h   260
Flight distance, km   4170
The duration of the flight, ch.min   18.42
Practical ceiling, m   9150


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