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MQ-4c Triton

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The second model of the UAV MQ-4c Triton, begins a program of tests to perform reconnaissance and combat operations for the US Navy.

The first flight lasted device 6.7 hours with the performance of tests on the water area and is connected to a test of communications systems and operational management.


MQ-4c Triton badge

Narthrop Grumman MQ-4c Triton - is an unmanned aerial vehicle for reconnaissance of marine and coastal areas with a maximum residence time in the continuous flight for 24 hours.

Intelligence System using prototypes MQ-4c Triton was designed in 2012 year and planned to the adoption in 2015 68 year with the purchase of units of vehicles for the needs of the US Navy. However, in April 2013 the representatives of the US Navy, changed specifications, including the tail with a vertical stabilizer and rudder. It was revised date of system commissioning transfer to 2017 year.


MQ-4c Triton sky

UAV MQ-4c Triton is able to stay aloft for 24 hours. The equipment includes: multi-sensor object detection sensors operational management, universal radar, dual standby flight control system. The first flight of the machine makes 22.05.2013 years.


MQ-4c Triton 34324

For the management and control of aircraft is required ground station personnel in the number 4 operators.

UAV has dimensions: length -14.5 m, height - 4.6 meters, wingspan - 39.9 m. The total weight of the device is 14.65 t. The power plant - 1 engine Rolls-Royce AE 3007, power 28.9 - 39.7 kN. Maximum speed - 575 km / h, the ceiling climb -18288 m. The aircraft is capable of carrying a payload weight - 900 kg.


MQ-4c Triton engine

With the commissioning of the system intelligence using MQ-4c Triton, it is planned to equip the fleet of the US Navy with the creation of a permanent control and monitoring areas of tactical fleet location and the management of intelligence and military operations.

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