MQM-107 Streaker
MQM-107 Streaker

MQM-107 Streaker

MQM-107 Streaker - target drones developed by the American company Beech Aircraft Corporation, which was later renamed Raytheon Aircraft Company. The project is designed to meet the needs of the US Air Force targets with variable speed designed for training fighter pilots. It could be used both for guided missiles "Air-air" and retraining with the help of artillery weapons onboard. The first unit of MQM-107 Streaker was put into service in the US Air Force 1984 year. As an air target drones could simulate different purposes - from missiles to aircraft.

The launch of the MQM-107 Streaker was carried out from the ground, provided that rocket boosters were used that can accelerate the drone to 250 miles per hour in just 2 seconds. The subsequent take-off phase went to the TR1 60-2 turbojet powerplant from Microturbo North America. The trajectory could be corrected directly during the flight by the operator's instructions from the ground. The device landed with a parachute. 

MQM-107 Streaker.Harakteristiki:

Modification   MQM-107
Wingspan, m   2.99
Length, m   5.51
Height, m   1.47
The diameter of the fuselage, m   0.37
Weight, kg   664
engine's type   1 TRD Microturbo North America TR1 60-2
Maximum speed km / h   925
The duration of the flight, ch.min   2.18
Practical ceiling, m   12192


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