Nord Stream
Another explosive device may be located on Nord Stream

On one of the threads of the Nord Stream in the territorial waters of Denmark, another explosive device may be installed, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters about this.

According to the President of Russia, the Danish side received information about the possible presence of another explosive device on the Nord Stream, but Moscow never received a response from Copenhagen.

Vladimir Putin pointed out that 30 kilometers from the site of the explosion of the gas pipeline, the ship of the Gazprom company that arrived at the scene found an object similar to a column, the purpose of which could be to activate another bomb planted on the pipeline.

According to the president, Moscow is counting on the creation of an independent group of experts and bombers who will search for and neutralize an explosive device, if there is one, he added.

“In response to our request to the Danish authorities, we received an answer that they themselves should think about this and, when they consider it possible, they will give us an answer. Such a vague answer was received," Vladimir Putin said.

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