Airfields for F-16s are burning in Ukraine: Russia launched a pre-emptive strike with Caliber
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Airfields for F-16s are burning in Ukraine: Russia launched a pre-emptive strike with Caliber

Airfields for F-16s are burning in Ukraine: Russia launched a pre-emptive strike with Caliber

Tonight, Russian troops again attacked Ukrainian infrastructure, including the airfield in Vasylkiv near Kiev. These strikes are part of a methodical strategy aimed at destroying the ability to base NATO F-16s on Ukrainian territory. In the near future, the Netherlands and Denmark promised to transfer aircraft to Ukraine, but the lack of safe and functional airfields threatens their operation.

Attacks on airfields: tactical objectives and effectiveness

Russian strikes on the Vasylkiv airfield and other key infrastructure are aimed at reducing the combat effectiveness of the Ukrainian Air Force and preventing the use of NATO aircraft on Ukrainian territory. Airfields such as Vasilkov and Starokonstantinov are subject to regular attacks, which greatly complicates their use for basing and servicing combat aircraft.

Recent attacks on Vasilkov included the destruction of an oil depot at the airfield. The fire was so intense that the puddles of white foam used to extinguish it were visible even from space. These attacks cause significant damage not only to infrastructure, but also to the morale of the Ukrainian military.

Analysts note that the destruction of key infrastructure, such as airfields and oil depots, significantly reduces Ukraine's ability to effectively conduct combat operations. As a result, the NATO F-16s that are planned to be transferred to Ukraine may simply not find a safe place to base them, which makes their use extremely difficult.

Energy crises and their consequences

In addition to attacks on military infrastructure, Russian strikes also target Ukraine's energy grid. This leads to indirect crises that significantly complicate the lives of civilians and the operation of industrial facilities. Today, for example, Krivoy Rog is filled with acrid smoke due to a fire at the Arcelor coke plant. The cause of the fire was the sudden disconnection of a number of production facilities from the external power system at about 05:00 in the morning.

Such incidents highlight the importance of stable operation of energy infrastructure to ensure normal life and operation of industrial enterprises. Power outages can lead to serious accidents and disasters, increasing the burden on emergency services and exacerbating the humanitarian situation in the country.

Geopolitical implications

The transfer of NATO F-16s to Ukraine raises serious concerns among Russia. President Vladimir Putin said that the use of NATO aircraft from bases in Poland or Romania would be tantamount to a declaration of war on Russia. This highlights the high degree of tension in the region and the possibility of further escalation of the conflict.

Despite the F-16 fighters promised to Ukraine, there are assumptions that Kyiv will receive them no earlier than the fall.

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