Head of Aviation. High quality skilled in
Head of Aviation. High quality skilled in

Head of Aviation. High quality skilled in


As you know, the chief of aviation is a rather prestigious position, but one should not think that it is easy to earn it and then manage with your direct responsibilities. As a rule, the chief of aviation accepted for a new position must be a highly qualified specialist with excellent knowledge of various skills that are extremely necessary for ensuring the safety of air traffic and the operation of aircraft.



Head of Aviation is required in the first place:

  • To ensure aviation safety;
  • Provide support to the airport or any other object entrusted to him in the operational readiness;
  • To ensure order and execution of flights according to the stipulated rules and regulations to ensure flight safety;
  • Provide a strict regime and rules of movement of people and vehicles on the airfield, the airfield protection, and access control.


In fact, the chief of aviation is much greater responsibilities, all of whom are very strict in the observance and implementation. No less important is the fact that the Chief of Aviation is obliged not only to provide guidance and supervision of the people, but also the responsibility for their actions, which will agree, is very time consuming.



As a rule, the chief of aviation guided solely regulated rules and regulations provided for virtually any non-standard situations, but must also take into account the fact that it was the decision of the chief aviation will be carried out by those or other actions that can either provide security at the airport or airfield or else aggravate any other circumstances.



The post of Chief of Air usually accepted solely responsible people who can find a way out of any current difficult situation and take any action on your account, but do not forget that only the right decisions allow for safely perform fly to any of the airports or airport and you need to have a very great experience.

Thus, such a position as "Chief of Aviation", a very prestigious at the moment, but it should be borne in mind that it is the chief aviation is responsible for flight safety of aircraft and of any incident at the airport, runway, etc.