Nadezhda Russian small aircraft?
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Nadezhda Russian small aircraft?

Nadezhda Russian small aircraft?



No, this is not a new Russian engine for AON. This is good old Soviet M-11. Re-issue which seems to be planned Istra Experimental Mechanical Plant (IEMZ), but that's something went wrong. And the "old man" of M-11 did not get a new life. But first things first, perhaps.

History of the Soviet engine was on the path that is now successfully go the Chinese designer, but, of course, already in the new technological and technical level. And to be precise, this is the way a clean copy foreign models, a deep modernization of the same foreign models.

All those who, one way or another, is familiar with small aircraft, with general aviation, is well aware of the engine on which we, in Russia, the majority of aircraft flying. Yes, that's right, it's expensive imported engines Continental , Subaru, Rotax other. You will not find domestic engines in this line (piston engines up to 200 hp)! And there are a lot of objective (and not so) reasons for this, the origins of which again lie in our Soviet past. Soviet engine building, Minaviaprom, did not need (meaning the post-war period, of course) low power engines. On the contrary, the development of piston engines has always been in the direction of increasing power and the number of cylinders. And, most interestingly, more attention was paid to air-cooled radial engines. Single-row, double-row "stars" were produced with increasing power increase, they were forced and so on. And water-cooled engines began to "go out of fashion" after the war.

Who could have known that the time will come when the whole country, small aircraft, will someday need a light aircraft engine of low power. They did not think about this even when they transferred the production of, perhaps, the extreme domestic piston engine M-14 to the CMEA countries (for those who do not know, CMEA is a bloc of socialist states created in opposition to the NATO bloc: the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance). So we gave the brotherly countries the production of everything that the “Big Brother” was not interested in, burdensome, or simply costly and unprofitable. That is why the AI-14 (M-14) engine of all modifications was produced in Poland until 2007. And in his homeland, the M-14 engine was finally discontinued in 1994.

And this engine is hardly optimal for small and light aircraft. Hefty "forehead" 985 diameter mm power at the base of the AI-14 240 equal horsepower, the weight of "stars" - 252 kg (dry). Cost it too difficult to call.

It should be noted here that A.S.S. has thrown "fireballs" into a fire built of light engines for small aircraft. Yakovlev. His planes were the main training aircraft in both DOSAAF and GA. And according to his concept, the initial training aircraft for both military and civilian pilots should be as close as possible to the types on which they will have to fly. Thus, the M-14 engines were also put on the initial training aircraft in DOSAAF (and it is known that this paramilitary organization under the wing of the MOD was the forge of the air force personnel), and for the initial training aircraft for the GVF (Yak-18T). And sports aviation (all the same DOSAAF!) We were based on the same modified M-14. 9-cylinder, four-stroke, star-shaped engine went to the series in 1950 year, as the engine for An-14. And like all that we did in those years, the series truly became mass! Then this engine was put on everything that flies (well, figuratively speaking), and helicopters (Ka-15, Ka-18, Ka-26 for example).

Thanks to all these circumstances, the experience of work and production of light engines began to be forgotten. Everyone knows the result today, and it is obvious. The huge country was left without a low-power, light, aircraft engine. The country, which once had the best school of aircraft engine building, buys Austrian, American and Japanese engines. Well, or planes and KIT-kits with imported engines.


Maybe find a way out ...

Nadezhda Russian small aircraft?

The new engine for small aircraft developed by OOO "engines for aircraft" - DDA-120M


It would seem a stalemate situation, but not for nothing that Russia always considered a country rich in talent.

In 1925 year, in Soviet Russia has been adjusted mass release engine M-2-110 and M-2-120, which is a copy of the French motor Ron J (Ron Jb). Rotary engine power equal to 110 hp (120 hp)

In 1929 was launched in a series of mass self-developed engine M-11, which is produced in different versions to 1952 years.

In 1946 year allowed the British company Rolls-Royse sale and export of 40 turbojets Nine of the Soviet Union, with the condition not to use them for military aircraft. It is clear that this condition has not stopped anyone. OKB, headed by Vladimir Klimov copy this engine. The clone was called VC-1 (RD-45). The engine was installed on the MiG-15, MiG-17, IL-28, Tu-14 (Tu-12), and has long served on the ground. Anyway, at the military airport, where I served as a special obduvalnye and heating machines airfield company, staffed with just RD-45.

So what now? It is in a large country can not find engineers, inventors who would shoulder the task of designing a light piston-engine light aircraft, helicopters, gyroplanes? Homebrew and designer put on its design from the engine of a snowmobile RMZ-640 «Buran». Yes, successfully flew with him, but the engine does not take into account the specificity of aviation.

By chance on the internet, I met a very interesting man, a competent engineer and designer Plato Maslov. Plato decided to take on this task - a lightweight piston engine for Caller ID. Here is what he writes about how he came to this idea:

"Aviation I liked since childhood. Also in the high school years, I was fond of the subject of the economy, both in terms of commercial appeal, I really liked the idea of ​​the production aircraft. In his student years (by the way, I was in Ufa State Aviation Technical University) I decided that someday I will be sure to do it.

I began to read a lot more on the subject. As a result, I was most interested in helicopters. I think this is a very promising form of transport, for helicopters do not need a specially equipped runway and, in my opinion, in aircraft weighing up to 1000kg helicopter passengers the most comfortable. That is a result of the helicopters can be used as personal transport en masse. In addition, in this type of helicopter is almost no competition, there is only one manufacturer RobinsonWhile global demand exceeds supply, and the difference is only increasing every year. Ideal conditions of the market, are obtained. In 2013, the day has come XI realized that working in the factory is not possible to implement the plan. Then it was decided to leave the factory and come to grips with the project.

The principal position was that the helicopter must be affordable, accessible for the majority of the population. However, in the process it became clear that to realize this concept can not be due to the fact that the vast majority of components - the import, only the motor itself is already worth more than the expected final price, the cost can reach up to 90% LA cost. In addition to the Russian Federation were acting EDO, developers who have designed, and some even made these helicopters and the main problem they have been and remain the engines. Then I realized that you should start it with the engine, since this is the most vulnerable point in the light domestic aircraft industry. And the creation of a universal, reliable and cheap engine will lead to the development of the entire industry of light aircraft production. "

Plato creates Maslov Ltd. "The engines for aviation" and begins to develop a draft of its engine DDA-120. The most active part in the work on the project took зAveblowing the department of ICE USATU Rustem Enikeev. Here, at the Department of Plato engine I found like-minded people, who formed the backbone of the project and the firm. Chief designer was Robert Gareev. He led one of the CB at the Ufa Engine Plant in Soviet times. Plato Maslov attracted to the project and carries them famous USATU employees: Garipova MaratOther teachers, graduate students, including those from other departments.

In 2015 year Ltd. "The engines for aviation" I support Bortnik Fund. In 2016 year it was held a huge experimental design, research, elaborated 3D model of the future engine produced excellent test results of the fuel system. The engine design used the know-how which are protected by the owner "engines for aviation."


So: what is there in the output?

As of February 2017 years, a group of like-minded finishes strength calculations of individual parts and components being actively release of design documentation. Started work on the production of a prototype engine DDA-120M. Held strength, thermal and hydro-calculations as in the three-dimensional and nulemernoy formulation. Studies have tested on an experimental prototype engine, confirmed the operation.


Features DDA-120M received during the computer simulation:

  • Displacement, sm3


  • Number of cylinders

3 (inline)

  • The ratio of stroke / diameter

75 / 86 = 0,872

  • The geometric compression ratio


  • Maximum speed, 1 / min


  • Power at maximum speed, kW (hp)

89,7 (121,8)

  • All fuel consumption maximum, l / h

28 (excluding the cost of the drive timing and other units)

  • Dimensions without ancillary mm


  • Dimensions given ancillary mm


  • Weight with ancillary kg

to 85

  • Fuel

jet fuel (diesel, gasoline)


On the prospects of the engine DDA-120Best Plato himself says Maslov:

"The prospects are very good and very large. Already, aircraft manufacturers are contacting us and asking to be notified of them, in order to acquire the first samples, as soon as we manufacture the engine and confirm its characteristics. Taking into account the high cost of foreign analogs, it will be possible to get a good profit, even if the market value is several times lower. With a competent pricing policy, there will be no problems entering the market. All means from the implementation of the engine will go to the development of the OKB, the expansion of the engine line, both in the direction of increasing, and in the direction of reducing engine power. Also, the perspective direction of hybrids and electric motors will develop.

Given the fact that in the short to medium term to make a profit, we do not plan to (all will be invested in development) dialogue with investors is not glued. That is why we have decided to appeal to the public and began a campaign kraudfandingovuyu. There are already partners and well-wishers, for example, Society of Friends of Air Fleet It offered us free to produce parts for the prototype, which they afford. And it already means a lot. "


What need help

The first promising projects need funding. Kraunfanding in our country is still not so popular in the whole world. And it is this form of fund-raising, has given the world many projects the opportunity to enter the market.

Guys deliberately do not want to turn to foreign investors who do not want to withdraw the project from Russia, although the proposals have already been. You also need media coverage. This publication, I hope, will attract many interested parties and members of the media.

In January 2017 years, work on the project were derived from the information shade, when it specific data key calculations and tests were obtained, and the operation is confirmed on a prototype engine and took the final appearance

The project has already covered a few times and on the Internet, on the radio and on TV.


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Internet portals:

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  • https: //аn-unikalnyi-multitoplivnyi-aviadvigatel.html 


With Plato Maslow can be contacted here:

  • httr: //

  • E-mail:

  • Page on Facebook: httrs: // fref = ts?


Several drawings and photos of the new engine of "Engines for Aviation":

Nadezhda Russian small aircraft? 2

Nadezhda Russian small aircraft? 3

General view of the test sample (1 cylinder, the dimensions of which correspond to the projected engine, it experimentally confirmed all the achievements)



Nadezhda Russian small aircraft? 4

General view of the engine


Nadezhda Russian small aircraft? 5


Nadezhda Russian small aircraft? 6



Nadezhda Russian small aircraft? 7

Nadezhda Russian small aircraft? 8



The article is based on material provided by the Plato Maslov and «Engines for Aviation" Valery Smirnov

Much needed engine. Who does not like to buy Rotax the price crossover.

So what is the price of the engine

the world has long since have jet the TJ-100 19 kg weight and thrust 130 kg.gabaritnye sizes almost twice less than this poluavtomobilnoy homemade.

According to the latest information from the manufacturer, the price of TJ-100 55000 euro

Aviation needs an aircraft engine, not an "auto-conversion"! The topic would be studied to begin with!

"for those who do not know, CMEA is a bloc of socialist states created in opposition to the NATO bloc: the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance"

In contrast, NATO created the Warsaw Pact. If the authors believe that this is the same as the CMEA, I sincerely congratulate them.

support, not to know the difference between the CMEA and the Warsaw Pact is not excusable

Very similar to the native Moskvitch UZAM :)
That would have all turned out.

And the hell 6000 speed, there is a gearbox will have to invent, and to little horses helicopter

In 912 Rotax gearbox also available and no Che nor his no paraffin because Rotax and if we put on a geared motor at once all bad

Literacy! This is where are you been reading this? A shame! (For those who do not know, Comecon - is created in opposition to the NATO block, the block of the socialist state: the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance) As it turns out, the NATO-economic bloc? A unit of the Warsaw Pact, which was created to rival NATO do not you say anything? You generally somewhere
did you learn something, or just "grabbed the tops"?
Read more on:

Why learn? Main gather money. Continuous contradictions and illiteracy in presenting the objectives and goals of the project.