Reliability planes aged. Reality and fiction.
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Reliability planes aged. Reality and fiction.

Reliability planes aged. Reality and fiction.


Not so long ago, the Russian government proposed to ban the operation of aircraft over the age of 15 years, which in turn gave rise to a series of scandals, mostly pointing to the fact that the decommissioning of aircraft of this type, civil aviation of the country may be subjected to a serious blow up until the time of crisis and bankruptcy of most of the airlines.



At the moment, the situation around the ban attempt remains very tense, and, as it became known a few days earlier, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation spoke out against such an initiative. Nevertheless, in reality, the ban on the operation of aircraft older than 15 years still has meaning, however, among other things, there are quite a few different myths that only create visible security, in fact, without affecting anything in a positive way.



According to statistics, flight safety depends on the age of the aircraft, but in this case, the probability of the crash of the aircraft in service (excluding other factors) from the 3 to 5 years, only 0,00043% less than that of aircraft age of 15 up 18 years. In fact, the risk of an emergency on a small aircraft age is somewhat lower, however, in reality, this factor will depend on a number of other factors, including the qualifications of the pilot, meteorological conditions, and others.

The above is perhaps the only positive aspect of the ban on the operation of civil aircraft over 15 years old, however, among other things, there are supposed advantages of such a ban, which cause the following negative consequences for the entire civil aviation of Russia.



As you know, most of the Russian air carrier is equipped with old aircraft that are either to be replaced or require it in the near future (including the adoption of the bill). The measures will cause a negative impact, resulting in the fact that 60% fleet of most Russian airlines can remain confined to the earth, which naturally lead to the probability of bankruptcy of air carriers.

Among other things, the decommissioning of the aircraft will lead to the cessation of air travel for the most part air routes that will create a real collapse, but it is possible to cause a monopolization of the market of services and passenger transportation.

It is also worth noting the fact that the majority of air crashes occur under the influence of the human factor, and the usual sloppiness, expressed as a nut untwisted, unskilled crew members or negligent maintenance of aircraft carriers, it brings much more harm than the outdated technology.


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