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Posted at Twitter: Pilot Lech

 Posted at Twitter: Pilot Lech


  1. @letchikleha65 tell, for all your years of experience, have you seen what is called a UFO?

  2. Pilot Lech The@letchikleha65  22 January.

    @SattarovVadim's clear that he saw more than once (even a video is on my tuyube) But it was I do not know It does not bother me and I told him

  3. Vadim Sattorov The@SattarovVadim  23 January.

    @letchikleha65 can link to the video, very interesting! To report to you on the ground, that you can see and how to react from the ground?

    Pilot Lech The@letchikleha65  23 January.

    @SattarovVadim nothing we can report. If it is a UFO, what I'm going to report? I do not know what it is.


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