Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier "Ronald Reagan"
Drug addicts aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan

In the US, 15 sailors of the Ronald Reagan nuclear aircraft carrier were arrested for possession, distribution and use of LSD. 

Some of them have been subject to disciplinary action, while others are still under investigation to identify suppliers and other drug dealers among the crew and the crews of the aircraft carrier strike group. The instigators face serious deadlines. 

The most important part of this story is that the narcopriton functioned within the team responsible for the maintenance of the ship’s nuclear installation and some of those involved in the use and distribution of LSD were directly involved in its maintenance.
The command of the 7 fleet assures that, thanks to sophisticated reactor protection systems, the sailors addicts and LSD dealers could not damage the nuclear installation by their actions.
The Japanese, on the shores of which the "Ronald Reagan" constantly revolves, are worried, because the very idea that drug addicts under LSD can serve a nuclear reactor is alarming. 

And remember these mocking stories and episodes of films that in Russia, drunks in earflaps serve nuclear missiles and reactors. Not that in civilized countries ... 

But what to say, judging by the actions of the top of the United States - they are either drug addicts or out of their minds.

Drug addicts must be removed at the root, that would not stink

He served in the operational department of the army headquarters and we had everyone who worked there and not only our department, but all the departments, I mean the rank and file, because the officer lived on its own. It is impossible, as it is on purpose and on a high, to cut oneself so that someone would die. is impossible!

Maybe you did not serve, and sat?

In the operational department of the army headquarters, private soldiers were trusted to wash the floors and no more. And the foreman of the company of protection had to be changed, since he could not look after you normally.

I used to eat life 20-25 in brands and microdots, a very kind and good drug, from which there is no physical or psychological habituation, I myself work in responsible positions, LSD helps me to work hard, and the guys in general probably knew the space, you can only dream about it. unfortunately, the opinion of the public is not very happy, but this is because it is not in the subject line and is compared with the horn, etc. + propaganda.

There are thousands of doses of LSD in me, in mykrodotes, stamps, liquidation, in crystals. and in everything you can imagine. Yes, you are right drug kind, honest, etc., t and m. but as there is a good trip, there is also a bad trip, where some kind of fighter may be buggy and smash everything to hell ...) I’m not sure what happens if the whole company flips ...)

there is an exception to the rule, that's the difference ...

An exception? Who told you this? Forty on the tail brought?

elite secret troops is a construction battalion) ...

In the civilian dope there. What would she not be in the army? Is there a call from another planet? Not. Those people who yesterday at the entrances, but the playgrounds nykalis. And you can carry anything. And there, and from there. Vodka was worn on three bottles and nothing. I served in the closed part. Elite troops. Checks FSB and so forth. Selection as in astronauts. But as soon as I got into the company after school, I realized that everything was actually simpler. With Krasnodar served with me - pondered so that mum do not grieve ...
So I am not surprised at all.

I am from the Krasnodar Territory and served in the Strategic Missile Forces. There was one such in our platoon. At first he was "treated" with occupational therapy (he cleaned the toilets regularly), and when it did not help, he was sent to the durka.

Most Asians on arrival at the unit had drugs. Hashish, cannabis, us and several other types of various in bubbles, boxes, in underwear bags, I do not know the composition and action. I skirted everything into the shed, (I am a captain) while the sergeants took the recruits to the bathhouse. A whole corner of dope. Quickly somewhere the "lock" cleaned everything out. And then these Asians (withdrawal), like a swarm of bees, rushed to the sergeants, whining and groaning, some kind of madness. Thank God that I lived without drugs.

Apparently, you served no less than in the elite keyboard armies, where you were selected solely for the ability to lie without blushing. The audacity for this requires a cosmic scale - hence the requirements as cosmonauts. )))
Only your lie per kilometer stinks. Where there is a need for iron health and psychological stability, the load is such that even because of the 100 after the quietly after the last thing, you just will die the next morning. Yes, and successfully pass psychological tests and an interview with a psychologist, even just with a tendency to use all sorts of rubbish - from the field of wet fantasies. Son, you never really served in the army. Cutting off because of gay, and now you suck up the made-up stories from the 21-th finger because of the feeling of your own inferiority and try to look like a louse, being in essence an ordinary nits! )))

Look at Peter, how the tacks are activated in this discussion. Worried zaslantsy from vivid memories.

Shake hands!

I would be honored to stand by your side. The drug addicts who "served" in the Russian army served the American people. Even the disciplinary battalion is too smart for them. Normally, when such people serve in the US army or in the Aidar battalion or in the Ishil. I can not imagine that such "warriors" would go to their deaths in battle in Chechnya or Afghanistan or in Syria. Dregs can be in any society, it is not worth equating them with Russia.

Come on, when did you serve that? When was the service an honorary duty? Now the recruits with the police catch .... and quite a while already.

The conscripts have long been caught, there is no end to the draft in the military registration and enlistment office, now they will not take a decent job without a mark about serving

I served in the rocket. For such a tribunal there you can easily get.

I agree!
Strategic Missile Forces 1978-1980gg. Latvia

You're right buddy. I am a career officer. And even in the most difficult times, in 90, in the Missile Forces, on duty, on point, an ideal discipline. BELIEVE.
After us SILENCE!

Everything is clear ... !!!


served in the USSR quit in Russia 1989 1991 suppressed drunkenness and the direct route to dizbat araznitsa between the army of Russia and America for us do not take pederas from us for drugs and they have this elite of the army

In the US, more than 30 officers who served in Air Force bases tried to deceive command on the exams. They learned the test questions and prepared the answers in advance. Another ten people, according to the investigation, used or stored drugs. All violators from the service were removed. It is known that some of them were responsible for the launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

We in the former military school, the cadets died from heroin overdose and nothing. Someone did not die, but serves to this day. Or jumped off the needle, and now thumps, as do the former drugs. And in the army this is a normal thing, no one will pay attention.

Natural selection is normal.

This is usually.

What, for the first time?
In the US, more than 30 officers who served in Air Force bases tried to deceive command on the exams. They learned the test questions and prepared the answers in advance. Another ten people, according to the investigation, used or stored drugs. All violators from the service were removed. It is known that some of them were responsible for the launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Recently, there have been so many scandals in the US Air Force that it is possible to call this the largest, probably, only by the number of military men involved in it. An official investigation found that 11 officers who served in six air bases, used and distributed drugs. Three from this list (names and titles are hidden) were on duty on missile bases in Montana and North Dakota. There in the underground mines are American intercontinental ballistic missiles Minuteman 3 with nuclear warheads. Strategic forces are part of the US Air Force.

However, the bad news was not the only one. The drug investigation led to another scandal. It turned out that during the monthly tests, the missile officers did not hesitate to cheat, sending each other SMS with answers. Not only the moral character and adequacy, but also the competence of those who hold their finger on the American "red button" are now in doubt.

Malmstrom base is a breach in the US nuclear shield. It was there that the officers who took over on duty in the bunkers left the armored doors open. This base was also subordinated to the former commander of strategic forces, General Michael Carey, who became famous after a trip to joint exercises in Russia. In the hotel on Tverskaya, the American rocketman behaved like a hussar. He drank all night, interfered with the musicians and flirted with the cigar saleswomen. Vice Admiral Tim Jardine, Deputy Commander of Nuclear Forces, was another senior officer who ruined his career with a passion for the game. He was dismissed after it was suspected that he walks in the casino with fake chips.

The consequences that await the current guilty military personnel, has not yet been announced. 34 officer suspended from service. However, if the US Air Force is punished, it is not strictly. General Keri, who was strolling in Moscow, for example, was not fired, but simply transferred to another position. Now he is responsible not for intercontinental rockets, but for space ones.

And this is all Putin's fault. The GRU supplies the "partners" fleet with all the essentials.

Carriers are like whole cities. multinational cities: Asians, Afro-black, white, Latinos .... I was told by one Mex who served just on an aircraft carrier .... they had several bandit formations, drugs, rape and every accompanying shnyaga ... and officers all knew And How 

In Haiti, there was a general outrage. Latina cut their niggeroff.

who served according to the one knows that we had no drugs in the army

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