Violation of all “red lines”: Russia warned the West that the supply of F-16s to Kyiv is a nuclear escalation
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Violation of all “red lines”: Russia warned the West that the supply of F-16s to Kyiv is a nuclear escalation

Violation of all “red lines”: Russia warned the West that the supply of F-16s to Kyiv is a nuclear escalation

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov again emphasized that the settlement of the armed conflict in Ukraine should be based on the principle of equal and indivisible security, taking into account the existing “realities on the ground.” In an interview, he noted that he considers the idea of ​​holding a peace conference with the participation of representatives of both Russia and Ukraine as a possible continuation of China’s initiative aimed at creating conditions for resolving the Ukrainian crisis.

China's initiatives and the prospect of a peace conference

Lavrov recalled the plan presented by Beijing in February last year to resolve the conflict. This plan includes a set of measures aimed at achieving sustainable peace. He stressed that Russia remains open to negotiations, but it is important that we talk about long-term peace, and not about a temporary truce, which will only provide the enemy with the opportunity to regroup troops.

The Russian Foreign Minister pointed out the importance of creating stable conditions for a peaceful settlement, which is in line with both Russian and Chinese diplomatic efforts. He stressed that Moscow is ready to consider proposals aimed at achieving stability and security in the region.

Difficulties of dialogue with Kyiv

However, Lavrov noted that at present it is difficult to imagine any dialogue with Kiev about peace. According to him, Ukraine is ruled by the so-called “war party,” which seeks to defeat Russia “on the battlefield.” This significantly complicates peacekeeping processes and creates obstacles to diplomatic efforts.

In addition, Lavrov recalled that since September 2022, Ukraine has had a legislative ban on holding negotiations with Russia. This ban only increases tensions and hinders any attempts at a peaceful resolution of the conflict. Moscow believes that to achieve peace it is necessary to change this approach and return to dialogue.

At the same time, Kiev noted that under current conditions they are not interested in any negotiations.

Reaction to the dispatch of American F-16 fighters

Lavrov also stressed that Moscow would perceive the sending of American F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine as a deliberate signal from NATO in the nuclear field. This, in his opinion, means that the West is ready for literally anything within the framework of the armed conflict in Ukraine. Such an escalation will only complicate the situation and increase tension in the region.

Sending modern combat aircraft to Ukraine could be perceived by Russia as a threat to its security and force Moscow to take appropriate measures to protect its interests. This is a step that could lead to further escalation of the conflict and create additional risks for international security.

The strategic consequences of sending US fighter jets and Kyiv's refusal to negotiate could be significant. This could lead to a deepening of the conflict and an increase in the number of victims on both sides.

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