Infringements and punishments: for charter airlines have toughened conditions
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Infringements and punishments: for charter airlines have toughened conditions

Infringements and punishments: for charter airlines have toughened conditions


Independent experts called the current holiday season a real failure, and this is due not to the high prices for vacation abroad, and not to the banning of flights, but to the fact that charter carriers massively violated the rights of passengers, deviating from the performance of their flights in accordance with the established timetable. Speech, of course, is not about 2-3 hourly delays, which Russian tourists are accustomed to, but rather about dozens of canceled flights and hundreds of delays that have undermined the rest, shortening it for several days.



The passengers of the VIM-Avia airline suffered most of the negative, the management of which did not consider it necessary to disclose their deplorable financial condition, and moreover, continued to sell tickets, knowing that scheduled flights are not destined, will take place. It is this fact that spurred the aviation departments to develop new rules for charter carriers, thereby trying to protect the rights of passengers and reduce the number of delayed flights.

At the moment, it is known that since 4 December 2017, new rules have come into force, according to which the airline can be deprived of the right to charter flights for numerous delays. If earlier aviation departments paid attention to airlines only in case of massive flight delays, the new rules indicate the fact that now, for the delay of 10% of flights, the carrier may be temporarily deprived of the right to perform charters. Given the innovation, this approach will force operators to respect the rights of passengers, which can significantly improve the situation in the field of civilian passenger transportation.



Experts do not exclude that the new rules may negatively affect the activities of charter airlines, since in the vast majority of cases, especially in the summer, the number of delays increases many times, and in essence, only 2-3 operators will be able to operate. The only exception will be the emergence of force majeure, however, practice shows that for this reason, no more than 1% of all flights are delayed.

If earlier charter flights could be made with a delay of up to 2 hours, which was not considered a violation, now the actual departure time will be recorded, which will require the airlines to have the most punctuality, and in case of unforeseen circumstances, the postponement of the flight allowed not more than 24 hours.



Among other things, it is important to take into account the fact that this year Russia has joined the Montreal Convention, which allows the company's customers to demand compensation from the carrier in case of delay or cancellation of the flight, which can also significantly improve the quality of the services provided and protect the rights of passengers.

Nevertheless, the new rules, although they have entered into their legal force, as far as the situation with delays is correctly monitored, it is still very difficult to assume, however, considering the effectiveness of such an approach, passengers can still hope that their rest will not be ripped off, and rights will be protected properly.


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