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Naryan-Mar United Air

Naryan-Mar united squadron. Official site.


Open Joint Stock Company Naryan-Mar United Air Squadron was established in 1993 as an airline providing air transportation services for passengers and cargo in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. In addition, it is the only Russian air carrier providing its services throughout the entire Nenets Autonomous District, which makes the work of the squadron simply irreplaceable on an area of ​​176 thousand square kilometers.

The squadron is also involved in the implementation of health care County residents. On the basis of the squadron carried out maintenance of air transport and other private airlines. The airport includes a dining room, which provides power to the entire staff of airlines and passengers.


For the first time in the sky over the Nenets Okrug planes appeared in 1925 year. It was the flight pilots Kalvitsa and Chukhnovsky from Leningrad - Arkhangelsk - New Earth. With the help of two planes "Junkers 20» they conducted reconnaissance shortest route Northern Sea Route.

In February 1933, in 6,5 hours, the plane under the control of pilot Fitelberg made a flight from Arkhangelsk to Naryan-Mar. Also this year, on the ice of Pechora near the village of Beloshchelye, pilot Mikhail Pavlovich Pravilov organized a landing site with an oil heater to receive the first Stal-2 aircraft in the area. The first flights were carried out for the export of furs, fish and mail delivery.

In 1935 year adopted a resolution on the need to establish an air base in Naryan-Mar. In October, the two aircraft were delivered to U-2.

With 1936 1938 of the year began construction of aviation facilities and expanded card operations in all regions of the county. With the aircraft was received-1 for use in sanitary purposes. Began flying heavy aircraft F-2 and Li-2. After a series of arrests of leadership in 1938, the airbase was disbanded.

During the Great Patriotic War in Naryan-based squad 16 3-Air Group of the White Sea Flotilla. Troop controlled straits of Novaya Zemlya.
30 September 1946 228, was organized by the squadron of the Northern Department of Civil air fleet, which was the beginning of an airline Naryan-Mar. They also set the plane on 6-2.

Since the beginning of the year 1947 work station air ambulance.

In 50-years of the twentieth century Squadron added Yak and An-14-2, which served as the rapid development of aviation as the main transport County. The squadron was equipped with radar, this improvement allowed to make night flights. Agricultural county loaded the aircraft overtime.

In 1960-ies District received the first helicopter. It was a lot to equip playgrounds and geologists got trucks for exploration of oil and gas. Subsequently, the helicopters began to carry out rescue and sanitary operation.

In 1970-ies Aviation Naryan-Mar won the second place among the enterprises of aviation of the USSR. The main scope of work was agriculture and the construction of the Kola NPP.

 Since 1981, the terminal and the new airfield began its work. Aviation work was carried out with peak intensity, producing for the year 2 / 3 resource between repairs. An-2 and Mi-8 served the polar stations.

During the 90 crisis, the airline was on the verge of bankruptcy, but before 1999, it managed to achieve positive balance indicators. The crew of the Mi-8 helicopter in 1993 made a rescue operation to evacuate the sailors of the sinking Yakhroma motor ship at night in a storm with a force of 9 points. 

In our time, the squadron makes a large volume of transportation of passengers, workers of oil companies, goods. The airport cooperates with many domestic carriers. 


At the end of July, the 1968 of the year, the Mi-8 helicopter made a hard landing near Lake Terebey. As a result of the damage, the tanks caught fire, a fire started in the cabin. The crew managed to evacuate, and all 5 passengers died. 

December 11 1997, the AN-12 and Mi-8 collided on the runway airport in Naryan-Mar. Eight passengers were killed. The cause of the disaster was the mistake of dispatchers and weather conditions.

The fleet of "Naryan-Mar united squadron" There 25 aircraft, of which:

  • 4 aircraft type An-2;

  • 21 helicopter type Mi-8 (including various modifications).

Russian airline's route network is distributed in such settlements, as the Lower Pesha, Ust-Kara, Nes, etc. It is possible that in the near future, the airline will expand its route network and outside the Nenets Autonomous District, but to date, demand for air travel is no such.


Basic data:

Airline country - Russia;

Engaged in domestic air lines in the Nenets Autonomous District.

Internal airline code: НЯ;


Naryan-Mar unified squadron. 

Official site.

Naryan-Mar united squadron (Naryan-Mar Airlines). Official site.


Contact details:

  • The mailing address of the airline: Airport, Naryan-Mar, Arkhangelsk region, Russia, 166000;

  • Production department (818-53) 91-5-08, 91-5-89

  • Sales Department (818-53) 91-5-49

  • Human Resources (818-53) 91-5-22

  • Receiving (818-53) 4-31-57, Fax (818-53) 91-5-21, 

  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected]

  • Base airport airport  Naryan-Mar.

  • The airline's fleet are aircraft Antonov An-2/An-3.

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Flight rules announced in several languages, including, of course, in our native Russian. Also insanely happy that discovered flying with this airline. Now I'm your regular customer.

Flight rules announced in several languages, including, of course, in our native Russian. Also insanely happy that discovered flying with this airline. Now I'm your regular customer.

Flight rules announced in several languages, including, of course, in our native Russian. Also insanely happy that discovered flying with this airline. Now I'm your regular customer.

But my flight, to put it mildly, did not like. On our flight worked disgusting, evil woman who gave blankets units, although the floor pretty muzzle and it's such a hot weather. As a result, I arrived at the resort I had colds and instead enjoy your vacation, was forced to engage in treatment.

Very good airline, providing for an additional fee a number of different services. I like everything. You know, what you give is not very little money.

As they say, the farther away from Moscow, the best flight. Airlines, this rule applies primarily because flights with this company become a real discovery for me. Impeccable service, is now flying with them on a permanent basis.

Good helicopters. No need to change the An-2. Fly them comfortable. In the Komi Republic ditched them all. There were no trained crew. An A-2 flies in AviaLesoOkhrana. In 90-x Ukhta sold MI-26 and non-ferrous metals. At the airport, comfortable, good airline. I recommend!

OOOOchen expensive tickets for that flight!
The cabin is very cold, strong shakes, smell the exhaust gases pass littered with clothes and luggage load and unload to fall.

First - NOT Mosca .... and Naryan-Mar in the second !!!!!! .. styuardesy on turntables and Anushka NEVER !!!!

She flew by the Naryan-Sea United Air Squadron. The service was top notch. Takeoff and landing were very good, quiet and calm. Flight attendants handed out blankets, newspapers, drinks and food. Service at the best level. Flight attendants treated each passenger with attention and were interested in the well-being of each. I liked everything very much. The airline "Naryan-Sea United Air Squadron" was very pleased.

Not so long ago enjoyed a united squadron Naryan-Mosca. I liked the helicopters, all beautiful and clean. All very much done in the highest quality, quickly took off, landing was soft, while flying, we were told about some of the city. It was very interesting and exciting, thank you for that. I continue to use your services.


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