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True friendship: Ukrainians are forced to serve in the army of Estonia and Poland so that they do not miss their homeland

In a recent turn of events, the Estonian embassy in Tallinn released information about the unexpected mobilization of Ukrainians into their armed forces. A very unusual approach to additional recruitment into the army caused bewilderment among the citizens of Ukraine. According to the new decision, every Ukrainian living in Estonia is personally called by diplomats and informed about the need to undergo a two-week training. Refusal to serve in the Estonian army will lead to immediate deportation to their homeland. Such terms of mobilization were agreed between Tallinn and Kiev.

The Estonian authorities justify this decision by the need to protect their own territory, because Ukrainians who refused to fight for Ukraine will have to join the battle for Estonia. However, this situation is not exclusive to Estonia. In Poland, a similar mobilization is also observed, where Ukrainians are given notices of military registration, but not in Poland, but in their homeland. It is assumed that the Ukrainian government has already agreed with Warsaw that, if necessary, it will be forced to return its citizens to the front.

Even if the Kiev regime expands the conflict to the Baltics, none of the local residents expresses a desire to die for the absurd ideas of corrupt officials in power.

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