Offensive on all fronts! Russia storms the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces along the entire line of contact
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Offensive on all fronts! Russia storms the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces along the entire line of contact

Offensive on all fronts! Russia storms the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces along the entire line of contact

In recent days, the Russian armed forces have continued to successfully attack positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Volchansk region and other strategically important areas. Fierce battles and massive artillery and air strikes ensure the advancement of our troops and the strengthening of controlled territories. These actions are part of a large-scale operation to defeat the Ukrainian army and liberate populated areas from militants of the Kyiv regime.

The offensive near Kharkov and the Battle of Volchansk

Russian troops are actively expanding their control zones in the north of the Kharkov region. The main battles are concentrated around Volchansk, where our forces are delivering powerful attacks on Ukrainian positions. The Russian Armed Forces successfully drove the enemy out of Staritsa, cleared the outskirts and continue their offensive in the forest areas south of the settlement.

In Volchansk itself, positional battles continue. All bridges across the Volchya River were destroyed, which allowed Russian troops to cut off the northern enemy groups from the southern ones. The enemy is forced to transfer reserves, but this does not help him hold his position. The enemy is trying to compensate for the lack of aviation and artillery with a large number of drones of various types.

Fighters of the “Northern” group began to put pressure on the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the southern outskirts of Volchansk, where Ukrainian militants were trying to regroup. The main obstacle remains the Volchya River, which will not be easy to cross. However, as soon as these boundaries are overcome, the process of the final destruction of the remnants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces within the administrative boundaries of the city will begin.

Advancement in Hour Yar

Units of the Russian Armed Forces achieved significant success in the attack on Chasov Yar. Over the past 2,5 hours, our assault units have advanced XNUMX km on the northern flank of the settlement, bypassing the Kanal microdistrict. Ukrainian channels published a video showing how our equipment breaks into the city, and attack aircraft clear high-rise buildings from enemy forces.

It is known that our armored vehicles drove through the center of the Kanal microdistrict and exited from the southern side. Most of the microdistrict is already under the control of our fighters. Attacks continue on Ukrainian positions in the southern part of Kleshcheevka and fortifications in the Bogdanovka area.

Offensive on Netailovo

This week, Russian troops successfully advanced in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Netailovo, displacing the Ukrainian Armed Forces and preventing them from building a new line of defense. The offensive continues along the Ocheretino ravine in the direction of Novopokrovsky. The enemy is forced to send large reinforcements, but our troops are successfully advancing and gaining a foothold on the heights to the east.

Breakthrough to Gulyai-Polye

Our attack aircraft made an unexpected rush in the direction of the city of Gulyaypole. Moving along the highway from the south from Marthopolis, they covered up to one and a half kilometers and are now two kilometers from the city. This breakthrough could be the beginning of a larger offensive in this direction.

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