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Offensive in the Zaporozhye region: Russian attack aircraft took Rabotino and drove the Ukrainian Armed Forces out of Staromayorsk

Offensive in the Zaporozhye region: Russian attack aircraft took Rabotino and drove the Ukrainian Armed Forces out of Staromayorsk

Russian assault company-tactical groups of the 60th motorized rifle brigade from the Vostok group of troops managed to make a successful breakthrough into the central sector of the village of Staromayorskoye on the Velikonovoselovsky operational direction. This significant achievement was the result of many weeks of preparation and coordinated work of various units and types of weapons.

Breaking through the defense line

The breakthrough of the enemy's first line of defense was achieved thanks to systematic and intense fire from 152-mm barrel artillery, Tornado-G multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) and TOS-1A Solntsepek heavy flamethrower systems. These powerful means of suppression had a devastating effect on the enemy fortifications in Staromayorsky, which made it possible to create conditions for a successful offensive.

An additional factor that contributed to the breakthrough was high-precision air strikes using FAB-500M-62 and ODAB-500 aerial bombs in a gliding controlled modification with UMPC kits. These strikes hit key enemy targets and fortifications, ensuring superiority in airspace and causing significant damage to the defensive positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Destruction of Ukrainian Armed Forces positions

A key role in the success of the operation was also played by the disabling of bridges across the Kashlagach and Shaitanka rivers in the Velikaya Novoselka area. For this purpose, multi-purpose tactical missiles Kh-38ML were used, which significantly hampered the enemy’s logistics, disrupting the supply and movement of ammunition and reserves between rear depots and forward positions in Staromayorsky and Urozhainy.

As a result of the successful breakthrough in Staromayorskoye, Russian troops strengthened their positions and created a springboard for further offensive operations in the Velikonovosyolovsky direction. This opens up new strategic opportunities for further advancement and consolidation of successes in this sector of the front.

Successes of the Russian army

These achievements were made possible thanks to the high level of coordination and interaction between various types of troops and units, which indicates the high professionalism and combat readiness of the Russian armed forces. The use of modern reconnaissance assets such as unmanned aerial vehicles and electronic warfare systems has also played an important role in ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of strikes.

It should be noted that such operations are part of an overall strategy to ensure security and stability in the region. The Russian army continues to act decisively and effectively, demonstrating the ability to conduct complex and multi-stage operations in conditions of intense combat operations.

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