NATO fears and avoids mile "Admiral Kuznetsov"
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NATO fears and avoids mile "Admiral Kuznetsov"

NATO fears and avoids mile "Admiral Kuznetsov". Overview helicopters.



The ships of the North Atlantic Alliance have dramatically changed their behavior.
The correspondent of "Star" TV channel Konstantin Isayev told of how Ka-52K "Katran" cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov" is not a joke excited sailors from NATO ships.

He recalled that the Russian ship of the Northern Fleet (located at the head of aircraft carrier group) accompanied by ten ships of the North Atlantic Alliance More from the Norwegian Sea, with its movements should not only from the sea, but also from the air. It is noteworthy that once in the sky appeared the Russian Ka-52K "Katran" cruiser so near the "Admiral Kuznetsov" immediately stopped appearing reconnaissance planes of the West.

NATO is afraid of and avoids mile "Admiral Kuznetsov» 1

The correspondent said that the flight was not specified reconnaissance mission - thus checked the combat capabilities of the new aircraft. He added that the Ka-52K "Katran" - is the latest development of Russian engineers (ship version of the SC-52 "Alligator"), and the trip to the Mediterranean Sea for him will be decisive.

In conclusion Isayev told about the peculiarities of training on the "Admiral Kuznetsov". Thus, according to him, in the intervals between departures are crew teachings, and is currently test-pilots check the training of Marines.

This is a real modern combat helicopter! 
I can imagine how elated Vashobkom on the occasion of replacement Ka-50 "Black Shark" helicopter on the semi-finished product with the sonorous name "Night Hunter". His modified version of the Mi-28NM promise to 2018godu and as evidenced by the media, they will be removed by the power limit engine VC-2500, which implies a revision of gearboxes, ie about the future of their reliability. Let's hope for the constructive shortcomings of accidents and disasters at the same time more of these helicopters will be no more.

"Military Industrial Courier" 

"Crocodiles" without "Alligators" 
"At the request of the newspaper Military-Industrial Courier, the pilot of the helicopter Mi-24 VC Russia commented on such reports in the media, as well as explained some features of the use of Russian attack helicopters:" Yes, the video of the American Apache application looks very impressive. On the thermal imager are visible militants, several bursts of guns - and all targets are amazed. But for some reason no one pays attention to the fact that the helicopter is firing at a very low speed, or even hanging. At the same time, the helicopter has a rather high altitude, not one hundred meters, and the fire takes several minutes, while the enemy practically does not answer it. If the militants had large-caliber machine guns like DShK or anti-aircraft Zu-23-2, it is unlikely that Apache could afford such a pleasure.

NATO is afraid of and avoids mile "Admiral Kuznetsov» 2

Unlike the same AN-64, the Mi-24 cannot hang in place for the use of weapons and, as the Russian pilot said, everything has to be done in motion. 
According to his helicopter 101-th VSHD, in such circumstances, saving only the high speed and abrupt maneuvers. It is not enough time trying to accurately aim a cannon and launch ATGM, so helicopter pilots gave NAR volley at the enemy and then perform maintenance (№42 04.11.2016g)

*** Unlike the same AN-64, the Mi-24 cannot hang in place for the use of weapons and, as the Russian pilot said, everything has to be done in motion. 

Not the best of Mi-24 in this regard and looks "new" Mi-28N.
Compare their ability traction characteristics with "Wikipedia".

  1. Mi-28N.
  • Mi-28N "Night Hunter" (for the codification of NATO: Havoc - «spoiler»)

  • Mass of payload: 2300 kg

  • Static ceiling: 3600 m

  • On this site, the engines are listed as TV3-117, so the engines went to the site 

NATO is afraid of and avoids mile "Admiral Kuznetsov» 3



"Helicopters of Russia":

  • Engine Type VC-2500

  • Takeoff power 2h2200 hp


2. Mi-24.

  • Mi-24 (NATO reporting name: Hind - «Lan»)

  • Maximum Capacity: 2400 kg

  • Static ceiling: 1400 m

  • The number, type, model: 2-3 engine TV117

  • Power: 2 2200 x l. from.

As we can see, the power of the engines is equal and the power reserve is almost the same, in Mi-24, judging by the carrying capacity, even by 100kg more (Mi-24 = 2400kg, Mi-28 = 2300kg). But the difference in static ceilings on the sites is striking: if the Mi-24 = 1400м, then the Mi-28Н, he with the engine power "grew" immediately to 3600м. Provided that the Mi-24 is not capable of hanging on “more than one hundred meters”, then the Mi-28H helicopter under combat conditions cannot clearly overcome such a height of hover, or simpler: art. The ceiling of the Mi-28H in 3600 is an abandoned lie! 

No wonder NATO members called it "Havoc -" The Ravager "," the destroyer of the state pocket. And this lie was launched with the aim of “proving” that its LTH is not worse than the “Black Shark”, because they put into service a high-ranking helicopter of the Ministry, not interested in the opinions of captains and lieutenants. 
And if Mi-28 Art. ceiling in 3600m. Only on paper, Ka-50 for testimony
Hero of Russia, Colonel A.V. Rudykh: “With a full combat load, the Black Shark hangs at an altitude of 4.000 meters. We convincingly demonstrated in Chechnya how effectively the combat missions are carried out on this machine. ” 

*** rescued only high speed and sharp maneuvers. 
GREAT SPEED AND HIGH MANEURABILITY are the main qualities and indicators that combat helicopters should have in the first place. The speed characteristics of the Ka-50 and Mi-28 are almost equivalent, but in terms of maneuverability and power supply, the Night Hunter is not a rival to the Ka-50 helicopter. 
But in the VKS it, strangely enough, is not to this day. 

*** According to the pilot, the Mi-24 usually operate in pairs. Depending on the purpose of the pilot leading the machine selects the maneuver.

NATO is afraid of and avoids mile "Admiral Kuznetsov» 4

According to the experience of past wars: the first knock slave, so a couple: a leading Ka-52 and driven Ka-50 - the perfect couple when there is a real possibility on the slave of two helicopter pilots replaced by one. A big plus to the above - the presence of helicopters "Ka" ejection seats, which are able to save the life of a pilot in a critical situation. It is a big plus to be added and the ability of helicopters "Ka" to continue the flight to the base without a tail boom, without which the classical scheme - disaster!

 Today, we in the Army are intensively replacing old weapons with modern ones, therefore, in our VKS instead of Mi-28, including with the prefixes "NM", replace Ka-50 navodolets and this will be fair! And the cost center designers will switch to helicopter design from 0, if they haven’t forgotten how to do this, since our country hasn’t received more than one model of both military and civil helicopters since 80.

I wonder: what is the cost center designers have been doing all this time ???

Vitalii Belyaev.

Personal ambitions, corrupt nature and impunity have long been present in all areas in our country.