"Do not say GOP until you jump over"
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"Do not say GOP until you jump over"

"Do not say GOP until you jump over"


“The Russian Concern“ Helicopters of Russia ”approached the final stage of the development of a high-speed helicopter project, which the Russian Defense Ministry ordered, Interfax reports, citing a source in the defense industry complex ....” 

At the moment in Russia there are two large plants for the production of rotorcraft - the Moscow Helicopter Plant named after M.L. Mile and JSC "Kamov". Both are members of the "Russian Helicopters" concern. This indicates that the best specialists of the country will be working together to develop the project, which are able to implement all requests of the Ministry of Defense in the issue of creating a high-speed helicopter ("Politexpert").

To judge by deeds!

"... the best specialists of the country will work together on the development." And what is the “best” in helicopter engineering we see from the cost center specialists after the Mi-26 helicopter, created under the leadership of the outstanding designer M.N. Tishchenko and launched into series in 1980. last century. From today's specialists of the KB MVZ, one has to see only the additional installation of suspended tank-barrels on the Mi-8 helicopter, the impression of which is far from trembling.

"And what kind of folk art?" (Cat Matroskin).


And their last "outstanding" product is the modernization of the two-seat cabin of the pensioner Mi-24 into a single one, which slightly reduced the helicopter's own weight and slightly reduced the drag, but it was called loudly: "Flying laboratory".

"Cyril Yablochkin 14.05.2016. A promising high-speed helicopter, which is currently being developed by the holding company Helicopters of Russia, can accelerate to 500 km / h.

The first successful flight flying laboratory committed in January this year. Now for June, a flight is planned, during which the helicopter will accelerate to 450 km / h. In the future, according to the leadership of the holding "Russian Helicopters", it will be able to develop speed in 500 km / h. This machine, created on the basis of the Mi-24 helicopter, can go to the series in 2022 year, but for now it is used to test the new main rotor. It is from him that the speed of the helicopter depends "

And instead of the June speed equal to 450 km / h. then another unsubstantiated chatter followed:

"The new Russian combat helicopter has exceeded the speed ..."

"Installed composite blades - the pride of the latest developments of the Moscow Helicopter Plant - have now allowed in test flights to reach speeds of more than 405 kilometers per hour", said Colonel Poluyanov on the air of the radio station "(representative from the Ministry of Defense).

"Lie, but know the measure!"

A. Boginsky himself spoke more modestly about this "record":  "The flying laboratory to create a promising high-speed helicopter (PSV) on the basis of Mi-24 reached a speed of about 400 km / h. This, according to RIA Novosti, said the head of the holding "Russian Helicopters" Andrey Boginsky " ("Made with us").

On Ka-50, the composite blades are installed from the first copy and the helicopter has high-speed capabilities far above this "flying platform": in this case - no bragging.

In particular, with a gentle dive, the speed limit in training and combat flights up to 390 km / h is allowed, and during a dive test, a speed of 450 km / h is reached, i.e. speeds that the "flying platform" only dreams of, therefore A. Boginsky does not indicate in the "record" equal to 400 km / h. no place of record, no test pilots. So, if representatives of the Ministry of Defense, according to the agreement, in November will be shown a project of a high-speed helicopter from the designers of the Kamov Design Bureau, then there is a 100% guarantee in its real future, and again a clarification: Gen. himself. S.V. Konstruktov Mikheev said that the maximum speed of the Ka-92 helicopter will be up to 460 km / h.

 but in a helicopter Ka-102 longitudinal scheme, this speed can really reach up to 500к / h.

As for the "choice of the concept", then there is no sense in this case and earning head cancer, because the concept of Mi-X1 is from Ostap Bander, but not from highly educated helicopter designers; this shame for a long time it was necessary to stop mentioning anywhere !!!

But for the designers of the cost center, such a manner of communicating with people seems to be the norm that I felt enough on myself, communicating with them on the Aviaport website on the topic:What kind of combat helicopter do we need».

Very modest start to the designer MVZ on the presentation of itself:

"12.12.2009 Semenov Sergey writes:

Dear colleagues!

I will make a reservation right away that I cannot comment on the pilots' stories (pro & contra), as being a "civilian shtafirka". I will allow myself only a few technical remarks, which I have already expressed in similar discussions, and which, in essence, have not yet been refuted (if anyone refutes, I will not swear).

1. Unconditional fact is that the 1-local combat helicopter in the world (except for Kamov OJSC, of ​​course) was built by no one anywhere, including in countries far ahead of us (alas!) In the development of electronics and automation. The Americans at one time did some pre-projects, but at this stage they realized that it would not work. But the two-seat fighters are quite self-explanatory.

2. With the fact that, other things being equal, the thrust and maneuverability of the helicopter of the coaxial scheme is higher than the classical one, I do not yet agree. And not even because I work in the Milevsky Design Bureau, but because - even while studying at the Moscow Aviation Institute, which, by the way, prepared and prepares cadres for both "Mile" and "Kamov" - I'm from none of the teachers HERE I did not hear this and did not read any of the textbooks.

3. A very weak point of the "Alligator" Ka-52, as a fighting vehicle, is the unarmored (!) Crew cabin. And armored, as far as I think, in this case can not be done for reasons of alignment.

Laconic "noodles", with the expectation of our helicopter lack of education. The discussion is gaining momentum, the topic of comment and claims is expanding:

"14.12.2011 Nikolaevich (it's me) writes: ...

Then he constantly mentioned on the Internet that the screw rotors proposed for the proposed variant are very suitable for co-rotating coaxial propellers (wing propellers).

Our designer MVZ Sergey Semenov, constantly present in the conferences of the airport, "did not notice" my recommendations. Naturally, "not noticed" these and its General Designer A. Samusenko. But the Americans are good fellows: their winged capped propellers surprisingly coincide with my proposals. With what designers MVZ together with VVPutin and CONGRATULATIONS! But Americans - I admire! Well done! "


"Semenov Sergey writes: Dear Mr. Belyaev!

You are absolutely right. Alas, at the Moscow Helicopter Plant, alas, they "did not notice" your recommendations. We are unworthy of you. Take it for granted!

Unfortunately, in recent years we have the right to notice recommendations only and only one instance - JSC "Russian Helicopters". It's THERE, and only THERE, decide "what combat helicopter we need". WHO solves this there and HOW - we do not know by our foolishness ...

Maybe you will pay your outstanding ardor and talent THERE? With us, everything is clear, but THERE ... they are sitting, for sure (there can not be any other way!) Wise and responsible people! They will surely appreciate everything at once,

call the same Samusenko and say: "Well, Gavrilych, get to work in strict accordance with the draft project of Mr. Belyaev! Step-arsh!"

And I would gladly have rolled up my sleeves. And then you know how tired of day-to-day writing service notes, plans of work that no one is going to perform and reports about what they did not do!

Do not tag the beads before ... you know who. Find for this more grateful audience. The address is absolutely accurate, in front of you!

Yeah, S - 97 in its purpose will be akin to Mi-24: combat-propelled - assault rotor-wing coaxial scheme with rigid blades. "


Cynical-haughty answer I take on the proverb: "Do not climb into a kalashny series with a pig's snout." I would not climb if these grief-designers together with JSC Helicopters of Russia did not put a pig in our helicopter industry, they stopped it themselves, but in fact they do not allow us to improve our helicopters and the designers of KB Kamov, which implies an end to our helicopter industry in general! False project Mi-X1 is the same "pig" that the leaders of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" put their spokes in the wheels of the Kamovtsi, giving all the money for improper projects of Mi-X1, Rachel and so-called. "Flying platform", with which they receive knowledge of "high" speeds, as with a goat of milk!

They do not know how to speak human beings, so it is very doubtful that they are generally capable of progressing beyond the "flying laboratory" in their development. But if you adequately provide Kamov's designers with finances, and at least half of what is poured into Milev's designers on super-high-speed models, both the Ka-92 and Ka-102 would come to the end of the test, and the President would not be moving on the Mi, tired of old age -8, but on the modern, i.e. on a faster, more beautiful and most importantly - safer Ka-32-10AG!

Well, the Americans continue to copy the projects of the Ka-92 helicopters, starting with the same S-97, which S. Semenov recalled.

or this prototype of the future multipurpose helicopter SB-1 Defiant Boeing

- behind the same pushing screw!

Losing the financing of the firm "Kamov", the government of V.V. Putin actually delayed the development of our high-speed helicopters at 10, giving the Americans the opportunity to outrun us without fuss. But they do not have such a rich experience in the construction of coaxial helicopters, like our Kamov experts, and moreover: there is no such a genius helicopter designer as our Sergei Viktorovich Mikheev, so they are advancing very slowly, but they are moving forward! So they will have such helicopters.

I would like to return once again to what it cost me in the article “A good Mi-26 helicopter, yes it’s expensive” from 2017-01-11, to finish with the words: “I hope that the cost center designers will finally have the courage and patent the scheme with the third wing theater for KB MVZ im. ML Mil ”, as a month after the publication of the article“ Airbus patented the concept of a helicopter with “at least one lifting engine and a rotor, at least one pair of wings, at least a pair of horizontal thrust engines, one on the right and one left”. And the designers of the cost center again "did not notice" my proposal?

I want to end the article with an excerpt from the article "It's a shame for the State!" from 2017-02-01: “But this is a truly Russian scheme created by I.P. Bratukhin. back in the days of the "Tsar-Pea": Russian Aviation Museum Bratuhin 11-EA 1936.

Well, if she peered Airbus better than the general designer of the cost center, they and good luck !!!

Raikin: "Where do you work? - Under construction. - What are you doing? - Yes. " In KB MVZ "Smoke" from the beginning of 80-ies, after the launch of a series of heavyweight Mi-26 under the leadership of MN Tishchenko.

The State Duma was a proposal on restoration of the Ministry of Aviation Industry (MAP). It is logical! Engineering excellence, grow and needs that need to know, understand and meet the holding company "Russian Helicopters". But it must be so, but in fact Holding - a mediator, appropriating, and inhibitory developments helicopter constructors, so the production of helicopter factories. In the Soviet Marie positions occupied by specialists rather than effective managers of sociologists and linguists, specialists of "buy-sell" a trade education on such -Taburetkina Serdyukov.

That is, any repeating scheme or at least trying to do something with the traction motors on the sides, in any arrangement and combination, automatically turns out to be the infringer of the watermelon patent.


Vitalii Belyaev specifically for Avia.pro

Dear Ben,
if I understand correctly, then you really liked my article !? And Airbus confirms the correctness of the scheme outlined in the article: "irbus says in a press release that X3" confirmed the aerodynamic value of the new configuration, which includes a combination of the traditional main rotor and innovative lateral rotors ", which is also used in the Racer design."
This is the first, and secondly: if you do not work "in the field of helicopter construction", and even more so do not know "the author's right in technical matters or not," then not for your understanding this article!

I do not work in the helicopter industry. I do not know whether the author is right in technical matters or not, but for me it is clear only one thing: this article drags only to a mediocre post on the forum, but not for a specialized website.
If such an intelligent - go design helicopters and get patents, and do not pretend to be a genius who runs, as much, ahead of the Americans, but which they somehow always overtake.