And is not it time for the gene. designers MVZ them. M.L. Milya take over the Chinese experience?
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And is not it time for the gene. designers MVZ them. M.L. Milya take over the Chinese experience?

And is not it time for the gene. designers MVZ them. M.L. Milya take over the Chinese experience?

"23 May 2014. This year, the Russian Helicopters holding and Avicopter, a Chinese company, a helicopter unit of the AVIC aviation holding, plan to finally determine the appearance of a joint heavy helicopter, said Alexander Mikheev, head of the Russian manufacturer, who opened today at HeliRussia. According to him, work with Chinese partners on the program of the heavy helicopter Advanced Heavy Lifter (AHL) is carried out c 2008 g. "

One must assume that at one time the designers of the cost center offered China their services - as a country with backward technologies. But with 2008, the Chinese in their professionalism improved, and the designers of the MVZ tramped on the spot, engaged in the modernization of the ancient Mi-24 under the "high-speed", and compacted the suspension fuel tanks on the Mi-8.

And during this time the Eastern partners «Stone Age "passed:" BEIJING, 21 Dec - RIA Novosti. Chinese engineers are developing an envelope that can fly at speeds of 500 kilometers per hour, the China Daily newspaper writes.

We will develop two variants of the convertoplan - with medium and heavy flight mass. The maximum take-off mass of the first will be 20 tons, the heavy version - 40 tons, "Wu Simin said."

And further it is quite logical that "China refused to implement a joint program with Russia for the development of heavy helicopters. As reported by Chinese media, Russian aircraft builders could not impress Chinese experts with the ideas presented ... "(> News).

By the way, about the modern fastening of fuel tanks:

At sea Ka-40 already in 1991 year it was provided fastening of tanks to the fuselage not only without steel rods, but also without tapes, but with minimal drag.

"The normal take-off mass will be 12-13 t, and the maximum take-off 14-15 t. Compared with Ka-27, the new ship helicopter will be more economical and reliable. It is supposed to be equipped with more advanced on-board digital electronic equipment and weapons " (The project of the Ka-40). The project did not go to the series due to lack of finance?

Finances are available, but mostly for Western "partners." For example, for Italian helicopters AW139 “Agusta” built the plant right from “ZERO”, looking high on our Ka-62. Probably for the fact that it is much cheaper and safer, and on equal terms only in flight capabilities and comfort. To this day, our poor fellow, under various pretexts, has not been put into production in order not to undermine the reputation of the Italian fellow.

In his time ex. President Dmitry Medvedev did not bypass the dollar attention and the American Boeing: for "kindness of the soul" - did not spare them as much as $ 8mlrd, for which his Barack Obama pat on the fatherly way. IN GRATITUDE!

For the same generosity, D. Medvedev helped the French with the construction of the Mistral. And having built, the French became “sorry” to transfer it to Russia and they returned those same finances, on which our helicopter carrier is being built today.

Unlike the Russian, the Chinese aircraft industry lives with financial prosperity, so the aircrafts are designed according to the requirements of the time.

Beautiful rotorcraft! Our patriarch of aircraft construction A.N.Tupolev said: “A beautiful plane flies well, not beautiful - bad”! And our Ka-22 for its time had phenomenal flight performance.

But he had a drawback: he was born in Russia, and even for the Army, therefore, by definition, he was not allowed to reveal the possibilities inherent in him. Two accidents of the first production rotary-winged helicopters during the haul from the factory became the cause, which speaks of their sabotage character, because during the flight tests the rotary-wing aircraft repeatedly underwent significant overloads both in speed and in take-off weight, proving its reliability! And these catastrophes occurred in a private segment and under simple conditions, after which further work on the Ka-22 was “planned” blocked: Dmitry Fedorovich Ustinov (Minister of Aviation Industry) “strongly recommended continuing testing of the two machines remaining in Tashkent” (Ka-22) but his “pushy” recommendations were not “heard”.

Hopelessly sunk into oblivion and the outstanding legacy of M.L. Mile: the helicopter of the cross-section scheme B-12, world records of which are not beaten by the carrying capacity and up to the present time. Especially fascinating project for the modernization of this giant: it was planned instead of 4-x D-25VF equip it with two newest engines D-30V capacity of 20.000 hp design OKB PA Solovyov and increase the number of blades on each rotor to six. The upgraded Mi-12M was supposed to carry loads of up to 40 tons. "The proposal received government support, but due to the termination of the B-12 program, the development of Mi-12M was interrupted at the stage of construction of the full-scale model." Instead of Mi-12 and Mi-12M, Mi-26 was launched in the series, which carries less cargo, but it costs more!

For a long time the Mi-6 helicopter with a lifting capacity of up to 12 tons has been withdrawn from production, and there has been no substitute for it, so it has not.

General MVZ in this issue is calmed by the helicopter Mi-38: they say it will be an intermediary between Mi-8 and Mi-26. Will not be! Prior to Mi-6, he is far away from lifting heavy weights, and with the modernized Mi-8 (Mi-171A2) on an almost equal footing. But in fact for a long time on the basis of the same Mi-8 we could create helicopters of the cross-section scheme, focusing on the Mi-12 experience, while replacing the two TV2-117 engines with the total capacity of 3000l.s., For one TV3-117VMA-SBM1V; TV7-117 power 2800l.s, and the main screws (NV) and the main reducer - from Mi-8!

What could be the end result with the replacement of engines?

In the case of the Mi-8, the tail screw is expended up to 12% or 360l.s. engine power, then the main rotor remains 2640l.s. (3000l.s.-360l.s.). In the transverse scheme, each N.V. would get power = 2800l.s, i.e. on 160l.s more than the Mi-8, or a total of two engines = 320l.s, and a helicopter + additional thrust = 1280kg. (With a take-off weight of 11100kg., The bearing screw Mi-8 issues thrust to 1l.s: 11100kg.: 2640l.s.=4,2kg. or ~4kg. 320l.s x 4kg. = 1280kg.). In addition, due to the absence of tail beams, the helicopter would have received a substantial increase in payload. Cruising speed will also increase due to the improved aerodynamics of the cross-section helicopter.

For arctic flights in the Arctic, helicopters with increased safety are required, i. with 4-me engines according to the example of B-12. Here, the Mi-171A2 with engines VK-2500 would be the most suitable as the base one. Our outstanding test pilot, VP Koloshenko, admired the behavior of the B-12 helicopter in flight.

“The flights showed very good handling and stability of the B-12. Pilot V.P. Koloshenko, who was piloting it, said that the helicopter flew steadily with an abandoned control stick for three to seven minutes. He also remembered the sensations unusual for the helicopter pilot: there were no propellers blades, vibrations and noise flickering in front of the eyes: “It’s as if I was floating on a huge ship”. ›Archive› articles / 11160 copy.

And the transverse helicopter based on the Mi-171А2 helicopter could be a real replacement for the Mi-6, but safer and more comfortable! As for the transport of 10-15t cargoes on the Mi-26 - this is more like a disguised undermining of the economy of the STATE, than the fulfillment of a state task. On 2013, the cost of his flight hour was 600 000, i.e. from the original more than twice, whereas its load-carrying capacity and cruising speed since its inception are unchanged values!

By the way, the general design bureau of the MVZ them. M.L. Miles, unlike KB "Kamov", live comfortably, but here is the paradox: it is the design bureau of the MVZ that does not issue modern helicopter equipment! Mi-38 is a helicopter from the last century and a helicopter of yesterday. For clarity of understanding, compare it with the design of the helicopter Ka-32-10AG.


Capacity -30 passengers.

Max. payload on external suspension: 6000 kg

Max. payload in the transport cabin: 5000 kg

Engines TV7-117 N= 2500l.c.


1. Increased capacity to 26 people and increase cabin comfort.

2. Replacement of TV3-117VM engines with VK-2500 (2400l each).

3. Increasing the duty to 5500 kg inside the cabin and to 7000 kg on external sling.

4. Installing a new set of on-board CCD-226AG equipment to perform instrument flight over bezorientirnoy terrain or sea landing on offshore platforms and offshore vessels in the meteorological conditions at SMU: 30 300 to m.

According to the management of NefteGazAeroCosmos CJSC, the development of the new version will take 5-6 years. (AviaPort.Ru .25.04.2007), i.e. Ka-32-10AG would start testing in 2013 year.


The first prototype helicopter Mi-171A2 began flight tests in November 2014 year.

Max. payload:

- Inside the cargo cabin 4000 kg

- On the external suspension 5000 kg

Capacity - 24 passengers

The engines are the same as Ka-32-10AG.

The newest Mi-171А2 is launched in production

The difference in load capacity on the external suspension in 2. talks about the large power reserve of the Ka-32-10AG helicopter. The weakest in all respects, Mi-171А2 was launched in a series to freeze Kamovsky - a sign that the leaders of the Russian Helicopters holding are solving economic and flight safety problems, guided not by the interests of the State, but by personal gain!

Moreover, Ka-32-10AG is much cheaper than the Mi-38 and Mi-171A2 helicopter!

Vitalii Belyaev

When I read that in "Roskosmos" the salary of engineers 10000 rubles, although it was later noted there that it was raised to 24000, the questions somehow did not arise. A non-motivated person is unlikely to get out of his skin. It's time to look back at your country. Quality and standard of living determine the mood of society, and the "elite" will still look to the West, invest there, there to feed, ripping Russia.

in Russia they use technologies of building 30 aircraft of the last century, sticks!

In this area, the person in charge of the Council of Ministers does not work in accordance with Putin's calls for a breakthrough in technology. The government should be only those people who are in constant search for a more perfect and economical.

Everything depends on our ministers and their chairman. There is a great backwardness of them from Putin, the inhibition is felt in everything. Although the initiative should come from the Council of Ministers.

The author is right! Helicopter construction in the Russian Federation is in deep anus. Since 80-ies, no progress in technical development, just a slight rationalization! A shame! Lacked from the world level of years on 30. All the only projects that are foolish promise! Enrages it!

Yes, because they live comfortably - good salaries, bonuses for the holidays, and transfer them to piecework - pay advances, sell a design or a prototype to the manufacturer - receive additional payments, advance payments will be credited; will not sell - will have to advance payments. That's so!

Yes, it has long been known that the Mil Design Bureau was pushing its own development through the "non-technical resource", to put it mildly, apparently it will continue with these developments, there is an experience.

We always have someone to betray and betray for "bonuses."