And do not swing us to the flying BMD?
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And do not swing us to the flying BMD?

And do not swing us to the flying BMD? 


"For Russian paratroopers create a" flying BMD "

Alexander Peshkov 23.08.2018

The car will be able to transport eight paratroopers and take off and landing, including in the highlands.

In Russia, a perspective helicopter is being created for the Airborne Forces, said the executive director of the Moscow Helicopter Plant named after Milya Sergei Romanenko at a round table on the "Army-2018".

"Now we have the technical requirements for the helicopter landing vehicle in the framework of the working group with the Airborne Forces. This car is for eight paratroopers, practically BMD, only in the air with all the capabilities of take-off and landing, including in high-altitude conditions ", - said Romanenko.

According to him, the first helicopters will begin to arrive in 2026, and until that moment, the tasks of the Airborne Forces will be solved with the help of the Mi-8AMTSh-VN (Zvezda).


Why, the cost center designers such a flying machine has already been built:

They built, built ... and did not build:

Designers did not manage to provide the given size of the take-off weight of the helicopter. Instead of the forced engine TVZ-117, they had to consider other, sometimes quite unusual variants of engines, existing and promising. Scientists of TsAGI, CIAM, NIIAS and other institutes of the aviation industry and the customer actively joined the research on the VBMP. The Mi-42 project and the full-scale mock-up were constantly being altered. The effectiveness of the NOTAR system on such a heavy helicopter was doubtful, so it was necessary to abandon it and replace it with a steering screw-fenestron and propulsion fans located on the sides of the helicopter.

In the end, experts came to the conclusion that "... to create a helicopter in strict accordance with the technical task of the customer with the technical level of technology and instrumentation in our country that is not available." By the end of 80-ies. The work on Mi-42 was stopped. Currently, the prospects for the development of the program VBMP are seen only in the design of a helicopter based on the dynamic system Mi-28N (Aviastar ").

It wouldn’t be worthwhile to blame the technical underdevelopment, because even then and with the same “technical level of technology and instrument engineering” they didn’t interfere with creating a helicopter with the required characteristics, for which it was necessary just to give up not only overseas «NOTAR "and" Fenestron ", but also in general from the tail boom. And further, as I have already written many times: instead of the tail rotor to the left wing, to install the TVD with a pulling screw, and to the right wing - a reversible screw. The abandonment of the tail boom would allow the helicopter to be booked without sacrificing useful loading, and wings with propellers would provide it with the required forward speed.

It's easier to say that this order for “BMP” for the designers of the cost center: “not for Senka - a hat!”, Which I fully attribute to today! Although this time they can “cope” with the order, because in Soviet times the characteristics of the aircraft were determined by the customer, and today our army aviation is replenished with Mil helicopters, regardless of their quality and suitability for modern combat operations, i.e. only at the request of the Milevites with an orderly escort from the Ministry of Defense. The Mi-24 was recognized as physically and morally obsolete by specialists of the USSR Air Force in the early 80s of the last century, after which a competition was announced to replace it. THREE such contests took place and in all three Mi-28s it lost to the Ka-50 helicopter, therefore, when President B.N. Yeltsin "Black Shark" was put into service. Then came the presidency of V.V. Putin and then Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov removed this outstanding helicopter from service, replacing it with a crude one, and even with mediocre flight characteristics and outdated weapons for modern warfare, the Mi-28N (just like at the request of the United States).

"I was told that Mi-28 advertising is not needed, it will go into service even though the competition formally lost. The arguments that they are not about advertising a particular helicopter, but about advertising the capabilities of the entire domestic defense industry, had no effect. In the end, I was directly told: the money that was required to be allocated to the picture, it is better to give to those generals and civilian officials, on whose decision the helicopter took to armament. Corruption in its pure form.

.................. ..

The lost helicopter was reanimated later in the Mi-28N project "Night Hunter", which at the end of the zero years of the 21st century was adopted without any competition and immediately launched into mass production, guaranteeing a huge by our standards government order. And Ka-50 was shut down » (11.02.2011 The unearthly beauty of the "Alligator." Sergei Ptichkin).

And today, the cost center designers have swung right on the convertiplane like the American Osprey V-22:

03.09.18 "The Airborne Forces are working on the possibility of using convertoplanets to deliver paratroopers on the battlefield. Until the end of September, it is planned to receive the technical task and open the experimental design work (OCD) for this machine ", - the interlocutor of the agency said. (IA "Arms of Russia" / News)

The convertoplane is a very complicated aircraft and is clearly not based on the strength of today's Milev general designers. But they got the finished project of the desired Mi-30 propeller plane as a legacy from the outstanding designer MN. Tishchenko:

"The main task in the design of Mi-30 was to provide flight-technical parameters, primarily range and flight speed. Initially, he had to transport up to 2 tons of cargo and 19 man assault. Range of flight - 800km »                                                                                                                          

Apparently, "effective" managers with his help decided to thoroughly "cut the budget" of the Ministry of Defense (Price American Ospri =$110-120mln.), So that they had less money for "daggers" and "zircons." The topic of the envelope for the gene. designers of the MVZ and the holding company Helicopters of Russia is also important because it will quickly forget about the mythical high-speed Mi-X1 and the "platforms" to which the Kremlin government allocated astronomical sums, but at the output - ZERO !. So, for the debugging of the unnecessary Mi-28, millions were allocated, and already on the NIR on PSV - billions, so for OCD by the convertoplan should be taken even higher!

But another thing surprises me: Does the Ministry of Defense really do not analyze the work of helicopter design bureaus on their final products, offering modern minivans modern orders? After all, with 80-x gg. the last century, no new helicopter came out of the gate of the MVZ: Mi-38 inherited it, which is practically an improvement of the Mi-8 helicopter and even after more than thirty years of its debugging - they launch it with great efforts into the series. And how many voiced, but useless projects they had during this period, in particular, the high-speed Mi-X1 with the speed of 520k / h, and then allegedly for confirmation: "500 km / h in a helicopter: a flying machine based on Mi-24 is going to update world speed record

Cyril Yablochkin 14.05.2016

A promising high-speed helicopter, which is currently being developed by the holding company Helicopters of Russia, can accelerate to 500 km / h. This machine, created on the basis of the Mi-24 helicopter, can go to the series in 2022 year, but for now it is used to test the new main rotor (> News> OPK).

But the old man with the abbreviation "LL PSV" (Flying Laboratory ...) overcame only 400k / h, and even then the words of A. Boginsky, but not in fact.

It was steeper: "Among the projects - the most ambitious RACHEL recently, which should come to replace the well-deserved Mi-8" (15my 2013g.> News).

It is clear that he did not go further than the layout, To maintain a cruising speed of 360 km / h. a helicopter of the classical scheme is able to withstand only the heads of the Milovian designers! And after such projects the Ministry of Defense again comes "on the same rake" with a proposal for "flying BMD."

Why, they already built the "best" tank fighter Mi-28H for the Ministry of Defense, but only in the Syrian war tanks were destroyed from Ka-52 helicopters, but not by Night Hunters because of their unfitness. They built the "Flying BMP" under the Mi-42 index, not speaking of "the most ambitious RACH recentlyEL"(16.05.2013 Kommersant).

Apparently, the Ministry of Defense appeared extra money, so we decided to repeat what has been done:

Moscow, August 2017 year: "For a long time the Ministry of Defense has been demanding from Russian Helicopters to create a new concept for a combat helicopter platform, which is distinguished by an increased cruising speed, approximately at the level of 400 kilometers per hour", - said Deputy Defense Minister of Russia Yuri Borisov. Moscow, August 2017 year ("Star").

The holding apparently submits directly to the President, that is why it so easily ignores the requirements of the Ministry of Defense, but in general there are philologists, sociologists, financiers, but not aviators in the seats, so the requirements should be presented not to "effective" managers - intermediaries, but specifically to the helicopter KB!

KB Kamov has long offered to launch a Ka-32-10AG helicopter in the series, with engines, gearboxes and main rotors - serial, i.e. time-tested and reliable, and these helicopters are highly energy-efficient, which is very important for an amphibious helicopter. It must be assumed that the fuselage for the airborne troops would have been redesigned for specific tasks. And in the future and with appropriate financing by candidates for this purpose are real projects of high-speed helicopters Ka-92 and Ka-102, which are several times cheaper than convertoplanes, almost not inferior in speed characteristics, but more efficient. In addition, more maneuverable, more compact, which is also very important when selecting a site from the air and, in contrast to convertoplanes, perform landing on autorotation! At Mi-30 screws in diameter on 11 m, at Ka-32-10 - 16m, and now imagine that these propeller screws suddenly lost the torque from the engines and then the propeller went down - with a stone: "do not grieve Mom!"

Our military airborne general Vladimir Shamanov in 2013 "announced that work is underway on the concept of a new assault-assault vehicle. According to him, it should have been a "helicopter with powerful weapons capable of delivering military strikes from 10 to 70 kilometers, which greatly increases the maneuverability of troops." The helicopter also had to have folding rotor blades and, according to technical specifications, to be inexpensive and easy to operate. "

As we see, today precisely coaxial helicopters of the Kamov company possess these qualities, and representatives of the Ministry of Defense continue to stupidly poke around to the holding company Russian Helicopters with these questions. The general designers of the cost centers should take up the project to replace the outdated Mi-26 with a modern and economical heavy helicopter, and they, apparently for the evil of Russia, continue to trample on one place, promising everyone to give the world another new helicopter earlier?                

Vitaliy Belyaev specially for


The flying BMD could well have been created on the basis of the transport-combat KA-29. In comparison with helicopters of the classical configuration "co-axles" have smaller dimensions, i.e. represent a smaller target, in a more compact helicopter it is easier to book the cockpit and landing, as well as vital components and assemblies, in coaxial helicopters, no energy is wasted on the tail rotor or fenestron, i.e. All the engine power goes to the rotor propellers, therefore, with the same classical engine power scheme as the helicopter, the "coaxial" engine has a high thrust-to-weight ratio, which is vital in mountainous conditions. In addition, the KA-29 has long been developed.

Kamovtsy steep. the author is right.

Absolutely agree with the author - Russia is now managed by effective managers, so the sawing is decisive in making any decision ...

How I agree to the account of managers! Even in education, not pedagogical education requires, but management (and therefore education), and specialists, in all areas of industry and institutions, (and in the government) are put in place of merchants (we will call these managers after themselves, in Russian), and we have, what we have, here and spacecraft are falling!


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