Celestial giants: the promise of using airships
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Celestial giants: the promise of using airships

Celestial giants: the promise of using airships.



In the first half of the 20-th century, mankind actively used the capabilities of such an airship as an airship, however, to date, these devices are practically not operated, and neither in civilian, nor in military sphere. This is due primarily to the fact that airships have a number of shortcomings, among which there should be a small speed of movement, low maneuverability, meteorological dependence, maintenance and storage problems and a low life time of using these aircraft. Nevertheless, it is important to take into account the fact that airships also have a number of advantages, so it is worthwhile to think about returning these aircraft to the system.


Advantages of using airships


One of the most important advantages of using such airplanes as airships, for today is their long flight range, in particular, the same giant Airlander 10 airship, capable of being in flight up to 14 days, with a cruising speed of the order of 150 km / h. That allows you to overcome thousands of kilometers, while practically not spending fuel. In fact, this means that future operators can send their passengers to long distances, and although the flight time will take a lot of time, the real cost will be relatively small.



It is important to take into account the fact that, despite a number of air crashes that occurred with airships in the first half of the 20 century, survival in the event of an incident, passengers and crew on board the dirigible is almost three times higher than when using other types air transport, which indicates a rather high safety of operation of these aircraft.

The high load capacity will allow using airships when transporting various kinds of cargo, while the transportation process itself will be cheaper and more practical, since the airship can hang right above the delivery point, since this aircraft does not need a runway.



Prospects for using such aircraft are definitely there, and it is likely that in the near future these heavenly giants will again begin to be actively exploited.


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