Heavenly slug (1945).
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Heavenly slug (1945).

Heavenly slug (1945).


  • Genre: comedy, war film

  • Country: USSR

  • Duration: 78 minutes

  • Director: Semyon Timoshenko

  • Cast: Nikolai Kryuchkov, Merkur'ev Basil, Basil Neschiplenko Alla Parfanyak, Lyudmila Glazov, Tamara Aleshin.

Heavenly slug (1945) .1


Three other front-pilot who never lose heart and always find the positive moments in life, vowed to each other until the end of the war did not meet or even fall in love with any one girl. Soon, for health reasons, one of the pilots were not allowed to climb into the sky to fly on high-speed aircraft.

Heavenly slug (1945) .2


Because of this, he had to go to the Y-bombers 2 and fly in the dark or night time. Basil Bulochkin very difficult given a change of scenery, the transition from the dangers of speed and to a calm and quiet life in the squadron. This combination of circumstances enabled him to encounter with a female aviatrix squadron and a journalist at the time of the popular newspaper called "Pioneer truth". Start chat with women Bulochkin forgets about them earlier this oath.



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