Non-critical crisis. On the civil aviation of the Russian Federation.
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Non-critical crisis. On the civil aviation of the Russian Federation.

Non-critical crisis. On the civil aviation of the Russian Federation.


Today, every now and then we have to listen to the already common complaints of Russian air carriers about how difficult it is to work in civil aviation - the cost of air tickets can not be lifted without a weighty reason, passengers refuse flights because of expensive air tickets, financial assistance from the state practically does not turn out, The most popular air routes are closed, etc. Nevertheless, in reality, the situation in our country's aviation is not at all as critical as we are trying to present, and in a number of cases it turns out that it is the air carriers that do not want to change anything in their activities, expecting either to "carry" or from Of the state budget will help, although in fact, there are a lot of options for establishing effective work, even in the crisis period.



In this article, it is not necessary to affect the external factors in order to avoid distortion or exacerbation of the problems, and it should apply directly to the aircraft in the country, the effectiveness of which, according to conservative measures do not exceed 15-20%.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, there are more than 100 civil airfields and airports, which in turn, given that the flights will be carried out from them only to the largest, allows you to create more than two thousand air routes, and even if taking into account the real efficiency take a quarter of possible Routes, then we are talking about at least 500 air routes suitable for flights on the territory of the Russian Federation. It should be noted that small domestic air carriers are trying to work on any available air routes, and there is practically no information that airlines suffer huge losses from their activities, rather, on the contrary, although in fact, if the flights are carried out, While we are talking only about a few dozen people transported during the week. Nevertheless, the largest domestic airlines simply ignore the possible routes for their activities, and, at best, simply do not profit from the services required by citizens, wishing to fly on international air routes or even domestic flights at the actual occupancy of aircraft cabinets below 40-50% that Sometimes involves only losses.



Thus, in the opinion of the author, in the crisis conditions for civil aviation in Russia, one should pay great attention to the development of domestic air traffic, since this will bring, although not a large, but still profit, and most likely eliminates all kinds of shortcomings, such as lack of passenger traffic . Of course, not all domestic air carriers can come to this because of the lack of efficient airplanes for the transportation of 20-50 people, however, the essence is that from each flight, during the year you can make a good profit even with the implementation of all Only one flight a week - in an annual volume it can be about tens of millions of rubles.

Which in routing should develop? This will primarily depend on the carriers themselves, because in fact, as mentioned earlier, you can choose from almost 2 thousand routes, excluding made stopovers.


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