German pilots to fly in relatives airports do not give! Guess who?
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German pilots to fly in relatives airports do not give! Guess who?

German pilots to fly in relatives airports do not give! Guess who?


So a comedy story has reached us. Censorship cut from dialogs.


He told the pilot companies Trans Aero. Further we write from his words: 

"The airport in Hamburg. We landed and taxied to the terminal, behind us waiting to board the plane 4: Fideks (truck) Lufthansa (Germany), British Ayrveys (England), and the last in the queue IL-86 (aeroflot), Coming with a delay of 4 hours.

Lufthansa turn to sit, but IL-86, not listening to the manager, saving fuel, begins to decline brazenly. Manager, threatening all the penalties and realizing that the Russian still on the drum, trying to miss IL and dilute planes. Fideks and British have not yet entered the gate, and are subject to the dispatcher by passing IL. Lufthansa pilot, who already "under the nose" band begins to squabble with Russian, it is unclear why the German, in his native Germany, the German plane, it must pass to go to the Russian and 2-nd round?
Having received a laconic answer: “Because we lost the war!”, The German fell silent.
And then he throws the following phrase: "Well, there are still no Jews in the air!" To this, in perfect English, the British pilot makes a remark to the German that it is not correct to say so about Jews.

All finally sat safely in an hour in our relaxation room security officers went and politely offered to go to the identification - Lufthansa pilots, quarrel with the Russian, beaten in the toilet. Of course, apart from Russian to do it no one else. But then bummer, he never heard from the crew of Aeroflot. And the others because all the "civilized" and, of course, nothing to do with ...

We began to prepare for departure, near the same eagle from Lufthansa. Here, in turn, to take off, without the permission of the controller, in place Lyufganzy British breaks. The German angry, yelling dispatcher what it is, not a German airport, take Russian interfere, do not allow the British to take off ... We listened to British's rate and after the words of its commander fell into touch.

In Russian, and even with the Odessa accent, he said:
"Guys, tell the Germans to have stopped. Otherwise we Fima (copilot) catch him once more and remind him about the Jews. "