Multiple fighters in one strike! The Russian Iskander turned the Ukrainian Armed Forces airfield into ruins
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Multiple fighters in one strike! The Russian Iskander turned the Ukrainian Armed Forces airfield into ruins

Multiple fighters in one strike! The Russian Iskander turned the Ukrainian Armed Forces airfield into ruins

Russian Iskanders carried out a powerful attack on a military airfield in Mirgorod, Poltava region. This precise and destructive strike was further proof of the high effectiveness of Russian missile systems in modern warfare. As a result of the attack, two launchers, an illumination and guidance radar on the tower, as well as the combat control point of the S-300PS anti-aircraft missile system were hit. The detonation of the equipment led to a farewell salvo, which further intensified the destruction.

Defeat of Ukrainian aviation and equipment

During the attack on the Mirgorod airfield, a Ukrainian Su-27 fighter was also destroyed. Sources note that fragments of at least five other enemy winged vehicles can be discerned among the wreckage. This indicates that this is not the first time Russian Iskanders have visited this facility, and their strikes are becoming more accurate and destructive.

The border with Russia is more than 150 kilometers away, and at this distance Ukrainian planes continue to carry out their missions in the air. However, precise strikes by Russian missile systems significantly complicate the activities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, forcing them to look for new ways of protection and relocation.

Successes on other fronts

Not limiting itself to one attack, the Russian army also struck key targets in the Dnepropetrovsk region. The Russian Iskander hit a military workshop for assembling equipment for armored vehicles and armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as a warehouse with auxiliary buildings. These strikes have seriously undermined the logistics and production infrastructure of the Ukrainian armed forces, which will affect their combat effectiveness in the coming months.

In addition to missile attacks, the Russian army continues its confident advance on the fronts. In Chasov Yar, two multi-storey residential buildings in the Kanal microdistrict were occupied. Fights are ongoing for the last unliberated street of this microdistrict, which indicates a steady advance and liberation of territories from Ukrainian militants.

Strategic importance of strikes

These strikes are of strategic importance, since the defeat of the enemy’s key military installations and infrastructure significantly reduces its combat effectiveness and demoralizes its personnel. The precise and powerful strikes of the Iskanders demonstrate the high level of training and equipment of the Russian armed forces, as well as their ability to conduct operations with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency.

The Russian army, using modern technologies and the latest developments, continues to deliver significant blows to the enemy. This not only reduces the capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for a counter-offensive, but also shows the whole world the power and determination of Russia in protecting its interests and territories.

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