Non-refundable ticket. How much money can be returned
Non-refundable ticket. How much money can be returned

Non-refundable ticket. How much money can be returned

If you bought a ticket for a Russian airline flight, then according to the current legislation, you have the right to return it. Airlines operating under the jurisdiction of our country are required to provide a refund for a ticket. This means that if you bought an air ticket of the carrier company Aeroflot, Ural Airlines, UTair or any other, you can return the ticket and receive the money spent, which is regulated by the 108 article of the RF Air Code. But on return the airline can withhold penalties, collection, etc. The maximum retention size is 25%. It turns out that in any case you should get at least 75% of the ticket price, and in most cases the client gets more.

There are foreign airlines, allowing return tickets and get the money for them, regardless of the fact that their activities do not fall under the jurisdiction of our country. For example, Czech Airlines for a fine of RUR 900 return you the money for the purchase of air tickets.

How to get a refund for a ticket

Oddly enough, the order of the action is very simple - you need to notify the representative of the airline as early as possible that you intend to return the ticket. Many airlines allow performing this procedure through their official websites, which is very convenient. On the site, find the section "Manage my booking", "My booking", "Manage my booking" or something similar, there you should identify your ticket and find the item about the return of the ticket. In the event that the site does not have such functionality, try to return via e-mail, following the clear instructions. If you purchase a ticket through an agency for a refund, you will have to contact the agency.

But there were few cases when customers of airlines did not return money for purchased air tickets or the amount was scanty. For example, Irina Nosova from Moscow ordered a ticket through company in the direction Moscow-Berlin-Paris for November 2012. And after three for the after-booking ticket cost fell from 20 thousand rubles to 12 thousand rubles. She called the company office, where she ordered a ticket, but she was told that they can only return 6 thousand rubles, referring to the rules of the airline itself + the commission for the return of bravoavia. Then she called Airberlin, where she was told that the air ticket was sold at a special non-refundable rate, if the cancellation was not on the day of booking. But before the departure date was another two months, they would have easily managed to sell this air ticket.

A similar situation has developed with the family of Vadim Kalinich, who planned a trip to Spain, and then to Portugal. As a result, the Spaniards did not give them a visa. They were forced to hand over air tickets that were bought from Swiss: St. Petersburg - Barcelona with a transfer in Geneva, and in the opposite direction Barcelona - St. Petersburg with the same transplant. As it became known about the refusal (two days before departure), he immediately called them. Flights were canceled, but only 15% of the total cost was returned. He wrote them a letter with a complaint, based on Art. 108 VK, the RF Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", demanding the return of the full amount. Tickets Lisbon - Barcelona and Barcelona - Lisbon were bought from the airline EasyJet through intermediaries Representatives of airtickets said that air tickets are irretrievable in all cases, except for the death of the passenger. Where to assert their rights? Fight Swiss with the Moscow office or directly write to Switzerland? What to do with airtickets?

An unpleasant situation developed for Nikolai Livonov from Moscow, who ordered five air tickets from St. Petersburg-Delhi, Bangkok-St. Petersburg from "Turkish Airlines". I bought non-refundable tickets through With one member of his family, a misfortune occurred-a fracture of the shin. Plaster was imposed, an operation is planned, then again a plaster of from six to eight weeks + a rehabilitation period. Despite the fact that doctors promise that by the time of departure, he will rise to his feet, but life can make own adjustments. Just in case, Nikolai called the airline, outlined the situation - how to deal with air tickets, if a person can not fly for medical reasons. Representatives said that they can only be refunded (fuel, and the rest - a penny), but with a fine of 50 euros, you can refuse to fly a few days before departure, while taking air tickets with an open date. The option, of course, is not bad, but it is unlikely that the sufferer will want to fly alone to rest. As you can see, even because of the physical inability to fly money for a non-refundable ticket, they did not receive it.

In return ticket has a pitfall. If you do not book flights through the official website or through partner sites, in addition to 25%, and will have to pay a commission to partners, which often is more 10% of the total cost of the ticket. Therefore, before ordering a ticket is required to read the conditions of return in order to know how much the agency holds. Agree to give up 35% of the cost, and get back to 65% is better than nothing at all to receive, in the case of European companies.

How to return the money for a non-refundable ticket

What to do with non-refundable tickets? In this situation, everything is somewhat more complicated, the client will be able to refund only airport taxes or nothing at all. To deal with this, you need to read the conditions of the airlines where you bought the ticket. All rules will be published in English, which meets international standards.

Sometimes, airport taxes amount to 40% of the cost of the ticket, so if you write the rules that return this collection, you can, do not miss the opportunity. There are many airlines that offer most of the money back. But the full price you are unlikely someone will return, because due to your failure the company will suffer some inconveniences.

Is it possible to return the money with low-fare ticket

Book a flight low cost carrier company, in most cases it is impossible to return the money. You also can not return while the airport fee. This feature allows you to make low-Coster airfare more competitive, otherwise you would have to pay extra. However, there are many companies that are willing to back a smaller portion. So again have thoroughly acquainted with the rules. One of the most famous low-cost company Wizz Air, according to its own rules, do not return the money.

Particular cases of non-return return ticket

Many airlines, including American and European, return the full cost of the ticket, if the passenger was hospitalized shortly before the flight and there is a medical confirmation. At the same time, even for non-return air tickets, people could get money if one of the relatives died. Terms of the return procedure are specified in the airline's rules.