Nieuport N.10
Nieuport N.10

Nieuport N.10. A photo. Characteristics.



  • Type: single, single-engine biplane fighter    

  • Crew: one pilot

The first in a long line of successful fighters, built by the company "Newport" for the French military aircraft. The "Nieuport" 10 was probably the development of one of the racing aircraft, specially designed by Gustav Delazhem for the 1914-closed competitions Gordon-Bennett. The first copies to be commissioned in May 1915 were two-seat reconnaissance aircraft, but these aircraft were quickly upgraded to a single modification due to the simple reception of firing through the front seat. With the additional "Lewis" machine gun mounted above the upper wing, "Nieuwpoort" 10 became a fighter - this weapon was also installed on those aircraft that retained the original design. In this case, the observer, in order to fire from the machine gun, had to get up, for which in the upper wing there was a special cutout. "Nieuport" 10 was also built under license in Italy by the company "Macchi" (Macchi), and now in this country are two museums, non-flying aircraft. There is only one instance, maintained in a flying condition at the Old Rheinbeck airfield.


Nieuport N.10 photo


Basic data


  • Length: 7,00 m Wingspan: 7,9 height: 2,7 m


The weight:

  • BLANK: 410 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 660 kg
  • Aircraft performance characteristics:
  • Maximum speed: 146 km / h
  • Flight duration: 3 hours Powerplant: "Dwarf" or "Ron" Power: 80 l. from. (59,5 kW)

Date of first flight:

  • the end of the year 1914


The surviving airworthy modifications: "Nieuport" 10.S1
Right: The French air ace Charles Nangesser moved the plane "Nieuport" 10.S1 1924 in the US in the year to assist in advertising the film «The Sky Raider», which was filmed as a pilot of the aircraft.