North American Rockwell OV-10D Bronco. Photo. Characteristics.
North American Rockwell OV-10D Bronco. Photo. Characteristics.

North American Rockwell OV-10D Bronco. Photo. Characteristics.



A type: Twin-engine turboprop aircraft management and advanced aircraft for counterinsurgency

Capacity: The pilot and the observer, arranged one behind the other, and a place for the five soldiers in the rear luggage compartment

Unlike previous aircraft for counterinsurgency (COIN), used by the Air Force and the US Marine Corps, Bronco aircraft was specially constructed machine, created as a result of studies conducted by the Ministry of Defense in 1959-1965 years. NA-300 of "North American" became one of the few aircraft manufacturers represented the United States in response to the technical requirements of Marines to lightly armed reconnaissance aircraft. The aircraft "Bronco» (Bronco - Bronco) was the winner in August 1965 years.

The qualities that the US Marine Corps preferred to him included a cockpit lantern with an excellent roundabout, short takeoff and landing characteristics from unprepared runways and a rear luggage compartment. The initial batch of 271-0A 10 aircraft was delivered in 1967-1968 years, of which 157 copies are in the US Air Force for use as an aircraft of advanced aviation control for the replacement of 0-1 and 0-2 aircraft. Unlike previous aircraft, Bronco had four machine guns for firing at ground targets. The surviving 0V-10C aircraft served in the Air Force and the US Marine Corps until the beginning of the 1990-ies. Later, a special modification of the night airplane of the advanced aviation department was created, which took into account the combat experience gained by the US Air Force in Vietnam, on 11 hastily modified aircraft 0V-10A.


They were designated 0V-10D and features a new nose turret with 20-mm cannon and uprated engines. In 1979-1980 years in this version it was remade 17 former aircraft OV-IOA. Later modifications of the aircraft involved in combat during the Gulf War, and in 1994, all American aircraft "Bronco" was decommissioned. A small number of these aircraft is in a combat operation in the Air Force in Thailand, Venezuela, Morocco, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Basic data

Power point: two turboprop engines T76-G-416 / 417 of "Garret"

Power: 1430 l. from. (1066 kW)


Length: 12,67 m

Wingspan: 12,19 m

Height: 4,62 m

The weight:

Empty: 3127 kg

Maximum takeoff: 6552 kg

Date of first flight:

July 16, 1965

Aircraft performance

Maximum speed: 452 km / h

Flight range: 2298 km 

Remaining airworthy modifications: Y0V-10A, 0V-10A and D